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Tech giants team up to build friendlier security tools

If there’s one overarching, fundamental truth about the internet, it’s that you’re never as safe as you think you are. Dropbox, Google and the Open Technology Fund get that all too well — that’s why they (along with a slew of security researchers)… 11 more words

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iOS 8 Has Widgets! Here's How to Use Them

Yesterday, Apple finally pushed out iOS 8 . Unlike last year’s refresh, iOS 8 is more about functional tweaks and additions than it is about looks. 25 more words

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All Praise Our New God, The Cloud.

What exactly is “The Cloud?”

This question is one that’s been asked a lot lately; especially since the nude celebrity photos got leaked a few weeks back. 236 more words

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A Wonderful Tool; TextExpander

Many of us who lead worship are ministers or have a second job. Typing text is a great big part of my work: blogging, writing bulletin articles, email and a thousand other jobs that require typing on my computer or phone. 348 more words


A science, a set of practices, and a social movement for distributive and procedural justice

This Symposium comes at an opportune time as climate change, continued food insecurity and rural poverty present myriad challenges to sustainability. Agroecology, especially when paired with the developing principles of food sovereignty and food justice, offers opportunities to address all of these problems to an extent not matched by other approaches or proposals.

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Deal: Lithium Card is a Wallet-Sized Power Bank for $39

Power banks or battery packs are something that we think most people should own. You don’t need to own a big 15,000mAh pack, by any means, but you never know when you might need some extra juice to power your phone in a pinch. 22 more words

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Ten iOS 8 Features Your Apple Friends Are Freaking Out About

Below are the top ten features your friends who use iOS devices are probably freaking out about at the moment. Maybe some of them simply cannot believe how revolutionary iOS 8 is, but hopefully they recognize that a lot of iOS 8 is just Apple catching up to Google and features its Android platform h… 10 more words

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