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Introducing iPhone 6

After rumors and customer demand, Apple has finally given the people what they want: an iPhone 6 with a larger-than-4.5-inch screen. In fact, you’ll have a choice of two phones to consider, the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 and the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus. 1,172 more words

Make Windows 7 genuine by Command Prompt or wat remover

Getting Not Genuine Error is quiet
common if you are not using a
genuine version of Windows 7 or
other version. A message “This
copy of Windows is not genuine… 175 more words

What is rooting an android?

Android rooting is the process of
allowing users of smartphones ,
tablets, and other devices running
the Android mobile operating
system to attain privileged control… 901 more words

Introducing Android L or Lollipop

Ok, first things first. It’s unclear
whether Google’s new Android
version will be 4.5 or 5.0 although
the former has been the favourite. A
recent Chrome update backs this up… 612 more words

Releasing Windows 9

Windows 9 is the most important
software release in Microsoft’s
history. Among the many things
Microsoft needs to sort out is the
Windows 9 Start Menu, but there’s… 502 more words

Information Technology

Information technology (IT) is the
application of computers and
telecommunications equipment to
store, retrieve, transmit and
manipulate data, often in the
context of a business or other… 48 more words

Our Features

  • SmartKidz Play School / Preschool – A playschool/preschool with state of the art features for its Classrooms and Indoor/Outdoor Play Areas including Activity Room, Mind Room, Splash Pool, Sand Pit, Ball Room, etc., for Pre Kindergarten as well as Kindergarten students.
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