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My life is an open Facebook and other perils of introducing your mother to social media

My mother has a new passion that is consuming her during most of her waking hours. But before I tell you what that passion is, a preface is in order. 1,573 more words

Technophobia and Other Clumps

Clump #175:  Get more cyber-storage space and recycle plastic bags.

Good Lord, I am so thoroughly technophobic.  Loyal readers might have noticed a lapse in my clumping and posting, and it’s because I reached the limit of storage space WordPress allows for free.   145 more words


The blog page is pretty but I would like my own pictures to cycle along the banner. The pictures that are preselected are nice but not my choice. 121 more words


Only me?

Perhaps I should write a blog called Only Me? or Sod’s Law? or That’s (Grace’s) Life?

So after 10 days of not having my smart phone, and having investigated insurance options, whether it could be repaired, replaced, leaving it in rice, leaving it in the airing cupboard and doing everything I could think of – I finally gave in. 485 more words


Motherly Antics and the Children of our Future

My mother does the strangest things.


My mum bought an iPad. Now, I don’t know about you, but most 52 year-olds I know are technophobes.  209 more words