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Child Minding ain’t what it used to be

I was flattered that we were asked to minds baby Bob. It would be his 6th month on this earth and his mothers 30th birthday. It would also be Mum and Dad’s first joint night out sans Bob so there was an edge to the evening, “Going where this family had not gone before……..” 1,238 more words

Creative Writing

How to bookmark my site on an iPad

This post is going to come across as quite presumptuous.  However a friend said that they would bookmark my site if only they “knew how”…  We’ve all used that excuse but I wasn’t going to let it go that easily and anyway I haven’t done a technology post yet so here we go.   33 more words


What on earth am I doing?

I am hopeless with social media. I have accounts for most things (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…), but I just don’t quite get it. My tweets are awkward, to say the least. 551 more words


Poem #43 - The Technophobe

The Technophobe

Apps are for saps
MP3s? Oh geez
Kindles are for bimbles
I’ll take books & CDs
Stream it? How about own it?
If I want a pizza I’ll phone for it… 28 more words