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Growth and Power of Blogs

Jorn Barger, father of the term weblog and subsequently blog, initialized the transition from Usenet discussion board or newsgroup environments to personalized websites that allowed for free expression and self-disclosure by an individualized writer. 1,191 more words


Why I hate the new Google Maps

I finally allowed myself to be pushed into using the new Google Maps instead of the old familiar one.

Here are all the things that I cannot do as easily as previously. 548 more words


The privatest of private spaces

The sexiest pieces of gadgetry one can feast his eyes hands and any other sense on.
We use the famous( or infamous, based on who you ask) ”computers“ everyday. 413 more words

Consoles To Console

Link: Heartbleed update

A quick follow up, back from a few days away.

Huffington Post have a recent update which notes that the Open SSL vulnerability applies in major products from Cisco and Juniper Networks. 381 more words


What to make of Heartbleed?

I watched the BBC News report last night about the security hole in Open SSL. With its conclusion that everyone should change all their passwords, now … and the old chestnut that you should keep separate passwords for every service you use, never write them down, and so on. 658 more words


Constellation Office Hours

Long ago as a client of META Group, I occasionally had the chance to sit in on their analysts’ monthly phone conferences. R “Ray” Wang’s Constellation group are starting an open version of this and I’m about to join the half-hour webinar call. 616 more words


Write For Kindness Blog!

Hey There!

Once again we are inviting posts for *original* content from Guest Bloggers and authors!! If you would like to share your message, article or story with Kindness Blog’s growing audience(1), thus generating traffic for your own blog, worthy cause or site, please let us know ASAP through the contact form on our… 24 more words