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How school killed you creativity - and now you scared of making mistakes

Having gone through school myself, this talk really resonates. As a matter of fact, growing up, I often felt I got dumber and dumber each year, and of course this puzzled me. 169 more words


Introvert Malfunctioning

Do the thing that scares you, that’s the advice I’ve read over and over. And I, the introvert, have believed the mantra. I believed the mantra because as an introvert I function backwards in society. 397 more words


Dilip Ratha: The hidden force in global economics: sending money home

Published on Oct 9, 2014

In 2013, international migrants sent $413 billion home to families and friends — three times more than the total of global foreign aid (about $135 billion). 118 more words


I Thought This Was Funny

I have an assignment this week in one of my classes to watch a book cover designer’s presentation at a TED conference. I laughed throughout the whole thing, and I had to screen-capture one part of it, since it made me laugh. 87 more words

Life As I Know It

TEDx Phoenixville 2014

I attended TEDx Phoenxiville this past Saturday. It feels really cool to be saying that considering I wrote a blog on the same annual event last year! 487 more words

Compass over maps

In one of the best talks at this year’s TED Conference in Vancouver, Joi Ito (Director of MIT Media Lab) said the following:

The idea is that the cost of writing a plan or mapping something is getting so expensive and it’s not very accurate or useful.

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