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History vs. Christopher Columbus: Ted-Ed Video/Lesson

In an episode of Ted-Talks titled “History vs. Christopher Columbus”, Alex Gendler, the narrator, demonstrates how different perspectives can influence how society views history, particularly with Christopher Columbus discovering America. 112 more words

My favorite You-tube channel

I’m pretty well-versed in the sacred art of You-tube what with all the mini screens and creating an entire list just for all of the videos that I specifically want to watch over again. 83 more words

My Thoughts

TED-Ed Club Experience by Georgia Loui

I remember receiving information about the Ted-Ed and the TED-Ed Clubs, from my teacher during an info session and I must admit that I instantly got really excited just hearing about TED-Ed Clubs! 742 more words

ESL Creative Learning

An animated lesson full of adorable animals made of autumn leaves

Ten percent of plant matter gets eaten while it is alive. The other 90% falls to the ground and becomes detritus, which supports microbes, insects and, yes, us, as we feed on animals that grazed on it and plants that grow in it. 537 more words


How Did Feathers Evolve?

How did feathers evolve?  Not something I’ve ever really considered, but now that you mention it, I don’t know of one of those ape-to-human evolution images for feathers.   83 more words