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The misunderstood grizzly: A TED-Ed conversation on why brown bears deserve respect, not fear

In the 1800s, around 50,000 brown bears — or grizzlies — roamed much of the Western United States. Today, those bears can be seen in less than 2 percent of their former range. 2,795 more words


Is math the language of the universe? A bilingual TED-Ed Club explores

In New York City, it’s common to hear ten different languages just on your walk to work in the morning. For the students at Lycée Français de New York, that kind of multicultural exposure doesn’t stop at the schoolhouse doors. 400 more words


Since mind wandering is about worries, accept present and embrace happiness

Mind wandering is a cause of unhappiness. Because most of the time, mind wandering is about worries and concerns.

He designed a mobile app – … 53 more words


IELTS Listening - Ted Ed No.10

Here’s another video which could loosely be categorized under any of the IELTS sections on this site. It doesn’t talk about any one particular topic but it’s greatest strength lies in the fact that it is full of data – tables, charts, and graphs – similar to ones you would expect to find in IELTS Writing Task 1. 87 more words


IELTS Listening - Ted Ed No.9

This is a slightly different video and would probably be best placed under the IELTS grammar or writing category. If you have ever been confused about the use of the ‘comma’, this one is for you. 85 more words


Sugar Sugar

Sugar consumption is one of the trickiest parts of your diet to control.  Humans (at least the majority of us) love the taste of anything sweet.   227 more words