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"How Playing an Instrument Benefits Your Brain" - Anita Collins. A must watch for music & neuroscience enthusiasts.

Excellent animated lesson from TED-Ed.  The animation by Sharon Coman Graham is very cool and the narration by Addison Anderson really makes the lesson easy to follow, even for people who are unfamiliar with neuroscience and music terminology.  Highly recommended.


Ted Ed Learning

Why do we continue to ask everyone, every last human to conform and learn dammit, just as we say you should? Is the 21st century really going to be about the factory assembly line skills where what is needed is your compliance? 243 more words


Ted Talks Tuesday! Inovative Inventions

We all have problems. If we think we can not solve them we are right. We must think that we can and create a solution like this awesome kid! 21 more words


How Fiction Can Change Reality by Jessica Wise

Reading and stories can be an escape from real life, a window into another world — but have you ever considered how new fictional experiences might change your perspective on real, everyday life? 39 more words

Change Is A Good Thing

A couple of close to home TED-Ed talks

An inspired young student, Sarthak Sinha, has been part of my current lab for far longer than I have and he’s only 19. Working on a variety of different projects with many of us and as keen as you can get, Sarthak is now off studying for his undergraduate degree at the University of Toronto. 149 more words


The Stage: A Horror Story

Everyone has been so focused on the content of their TED Talk that they seem to have forgotten one very important aspect of any presentation: It’s required to speak… on stage… in front of a bunch of people. 676 more words

Pachyderm Prowess

Quite a few RAXA Collective contributors are life-long elephant lovers, and we never tire of learning about these amazing members of the animal kingdom. Thanks to… 67 more words