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Chris Anderson's TED Talk

I enjoyed this TED-Ed because the topic is something that I enjoy thinking about: space. The two questions that Chris Anderson asks in this TED-Ed are the same questions I often ask. 144 more words


Re: Chris Anderson: Questions no one knows the answers to

This TED ED is something i understand well, particularly because I have always thought of these questions myself, and I know that tons of other people have too. 211 more words

Ted Talks

Re: Chris Anderson: Questions no one knows the answers to

I think that this video is interesting to me in many ways I think it’s great that the video gives a ton of information and that’s great because it basically tells the main points and that matters and I like how like as soon as everything started the person got starting giving information right away and that’s good because in most video’s that we watch they usually start giving personal information right away and not giving the main points that’s why I like this video and I personally think that there are universes that we will never get to know or never find out about and I also liked this ted talk because it has a lot of mystery in it and that’s great I really liked this video. 23 more words


VIDEO: Anti Social Skills For Better Writing

From our friends at TED-Ed, a few anti-social skills to better writing:

1. Eavesdrop

2. Pretend imaginary people are real

3. Mutter to yourself.

It’ll all make sense after this video, trust me.

For Fun

Tipsday: Writerly Goodness found on the interwebz, June 29-July 5, 2014

Heading off to yoga shortly, so getting this week’s offerings up all hasty like.

Despite the title, K.M. Weiland offers writers some comfort: Why every story you write is a guaranteed failure… 170 more words

Alchemy Ink

RetraGuru - Week 7 Recap #appguru #GuruVision #FridayTechTalk #screencasting #iPad #TED-Ed

What an awesome week it’s been at AppGuru…

In “GuruVision”,  Matt finished up his review of how you can create lessons and instructional content for your students by screencasting using your iPad  48 more words