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Eye phone: How a TED Fellow's new app could help restore sight to millions

Around 39 million people in the world are affected by blindness — 80% of which could be avoided if people had timely access to diagnosis and proper treatment. 2,632 more words

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Meet the 2015 class of TED Fellows and Senior Fellows

We are thrilled to announce the new class of Fellows for TED2015. These 21 game-changing thinkers represent 15 countries—including, for the first time in our program, Vietnam, Romania and Tunisia. 1,526 more words


How mega-landscaping might reshape the world

Picture a spillway gate that doesn’t just release water from an overflowing river, but manipulates sediments to create new streams, islands and wetlands. And imagine that the gate does this autonomously, guided by ecological data and shifting needs — essentially allowing nature to “evolve.” Computational landscape architect Bradley Cantrell is figuring how to do this by applying environmental sensing, machine learning, predictive modeling and robotics to environmental engineering. 2,457 more words

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Let's kickstart science in America

Science funding is broken. To fix it, we need to empower a new class of makers, citizen scientists and explorers

The troubling state of science funding in America goes by many names: sequestration, the profzi scheme, the postdocalypse. 446 more words

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Thanksgiving dinner with Aunt Bertha: A quick way to find free holiday meals

No, Aunt Bertha will not pinch your cheeks. That’s because she is not actually a person. Aunt Bertha is a service, created by TED Fellow Erine Gray, that connects people in need of food, healthcare and housing with the wide variety of programs available in their area. 359 more words


The house is a witness: A TED Fellow makes art from the rubble of her homes lost to war

Artist Zena el Khalil doesn’t have the family home she remembers from childhood. Her mother’s house in Lebanon was destroyed in a U.S. bomb attack in 1983, while her father’s house was occupied by the Israeli army for 22 years, until its withdrawal from Lebanon in 2000. 2,586 more words

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What will we eat on Mars?

The past, present and future of food in space — from astronaut ice cream to “Enchilasagna” on Mars.

John Glenn was the first American to eat in space. 2,925 more words

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