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"Your soul ages faster in wartime"

Bosnian photojournalist Ziyah Gafić photographs the aftermath of conflict. (Watch his TED Talk, “Everyday objects, tragic histories.”) In his most recent book, Quest for Identity… 2,201 more words


What to do when your government collapses

How do you build a civil society that functions in the midst of civil war? Lessons from Syria.

Last week, forty Syrians took the risk of leaving their homes and crossing the border into Turkey. 1,007 more words


On origami, Alzheimer's & kindness: Global health expert Alanna Shaikh rethinks preparing for dementia

Global health expert Alanna Shaikh gave an unexpected and moving talk at TEDGlobal 2012, called “How I’m preparing to get Alzheimer’s.” In it, she told the story of her father’s struggle with the disease, and outlined some strategies she’d devised in case dementia struck her later in life, too. 2,856 more words

TED Fellows

5 facts you should know about women who shaped modern physics

Featured image: Austrian physicist Lise Meitner, who first developed the theory explaining the process of nuclear fission.

Theoretical physicist (and TED Fellow) Shohini Ghose has two great passions: physics, and advocating for gender equity in the sciences. 470 more words

TED Fellows

A perpetual tourist who makes his own souvenirs: The intriguing work of artist Jorge Mañes Rubio

From China’s underwater cities to Amsterdam’s neglected neighborhoods to Italy’s looted ruins, Jorge Mañes Rubio seeks out forsaken places and makes art that memorializes, reimagines and reengages them with the world. 2,527 more words

TED Fellows

It’s a monster jellyfish! It’s a tangle of plastic! No, it’s art.

Artist Shih Chieh Huang (TED Talk: Sculptures that’d be at home in the deep sea) takes everyday objects — plastic bottles, food containers, old computer parts — and transforms them into surreal sea creatures. 725 more words


Do you speak storm-chasing?

When I first began chasing storms in 2008, I knew very little about the hobby — or the weather. I was actually trying to answer a question that had arisen from a previous, decade-long project documenting icebergs in the Polar Regions: How might melting ice affect the weather in more temperate zones? 1,423 more words