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A perpetual tourist who makes his own souvenirs: The intriguing work of artist Jorge Mañes Rubio

From China’s underwater cities to Amsterdam’s neglected neighborhoods to Italy’s looted ruins, Jorge Mañes Rubio seeks out forsaken places and makes art that memorializes, reimagines and reengages them with the world. 2,527 more words

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It’s a monster jellyfish! It’s a tangle of plastic! No, it’s art.

Artist Shih Chieh Huang (TED Talk: Sculptures that’d be at home in the deep sea) takes everyday objects — plastic bottles, food containers, old computer parts — and transforms them into surreal sea creatures. 725 more words


Do you speak storm-chasing?

When I first began chasing storms in 2008, I knew very little about the hobby — or the weather. I was actually trying to answer a question that had arisen from a previous, decade-long project documenting icebergs in the Polar Regions: How might melting ice affect the weather in more temperate zones? 1,423 more words


An overgrown asylum, an abandoned power plant and a handmade village on a river: TED Fellows create popup experiences in Berlin's secret spaces

A crumbling former asylum, a massive brick power station, and an alternative community built by hand by a river. In the hours before TEDBerlin Salon… 1,258 more words

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More similar than we know: When animals go mad

Author of the book Animal Madness, TED Fellow Laurel Braitman shares 5 ways in which animals and humans suffer from similar mental illnesses. Anthropomorphism run amok?  1,089 more words

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Need to know: What's going on in Egypt

3 Al Jazeera journalists were just sentenced in Egypt to long jail terms. Ready to go beyond the headlines? 5 primary sources worth reading next. 815 more words

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A filmmaker/butcher, an opera singer and a pair of computational biologists: Meet the latest class of TED Fellows

In the video above, get to know the 20 newest TED Fellows, who are joining our global network of 300+ innovators who color far outside the lines. 51 more words