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My Top 3 How I Met Your Mother Episodes (Per Season)

Fresh off the controversial finale comes the gaping void left when a beloved TV show ends. Whether you’re on the side who loved or hated the finale, missing the show is a common sentiment.  2,076 more words

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How I Met Your Mother Finale (March 31, 2014)

The HIMYM Finale was horrible. How can it end like that? In my opinion Ted and Robin should’ve NEVER stayed together. The title How I Met Your Mother… 246 more words


I went on a date over the weekend that picks up perfectly where my last post left off. It’s almost like the universe wanted me to have a solid, recent example to write about that shows why we have these dumb dating rules. 600 more words


Why The How I Met Your Mother Finale Was (Frustratingly) What It Had To Be

Why the How I Met Your Mother Finale Was (Frustratingly) What It Had To Be
(And how badly we misunderstood the show)



WTF HIMYM [spoiler alert]

More like, HOW I WASTED YOUR TIME. HIMYM Finale? More like, HOW I WASTED YOUR TIME AND BROKE YOUR FUCKING HEART IN 40 MINUTES. Before I begin, I’m sorry I’m going to get very emotional and I’m going to swear a lot. 921 more words

Life lessons - How I met you Mother

Okay so following on from my last post on the season final I decided to put together a list of some of the best and most memorable life lessons and advice given to us from our five favourite TV pals. 163 more words

#SongMeaning special post, Heaven.

Our children will always hear
Romantic tales of distant years
Our gilded age may come and go
Our crooked dreams will always glow

Stick with me, oh you’re my best friend…

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