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How I Met Your Mother - A legend-waitforit-dary journey!

She called. Something was going on and she needed him.
He was just a second away from one of the most important interviews in his life. 28 more words

Random Thought

Born Sinner

I got a life in my grip, she holding tight to my wrists
She screaming don’t let me slip, she see the tears in my eyes…
341 more words


Goodnight Mom!

Penny Mosby was only 5 years old when it happened.

“Dad, why should I go to the hospital again today? I have visited this place three times in 24 hours!” said Penny innocently when her dad, Ted, lead her through the hospital corridors that night. 1,282 more words


How I met your mother

So I’m never going to forget this happened last year. Josh Radnor was kind enough to read my article, and send a very kind message back!

Letting Go of the Need to Control

This is a skill I need to conquer. I am constantly needing to be in control and plan everything out to the point where nothing could go wrong.   287 more words

Week 11: Reputation Management

With so many platforms available for consumers to use, many brands now face the problem of managing an onslaught of feedback. Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Instagram, TripAdvisor, and Foursquare are only some of the outlets that consumers have available to voice their concerns. 288 more words


Four Perks of Not Using a Multimedia Phone

I don’t use a multimedia phone because I cannot afford one. If you find this funny, fuck you. But if a remote part of your heart feels pity for me and is saying, “Let’s help this poor bloke get a good phone”, we got to talk after you’re done reading this post because even if I’m writing about the perks of not using a multimedia phone, I’m tired of not using a multimedia phone, but let’s save that for our conversation. 377 more words