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One Last Life Lesson from Professor Ted Mosby

I recently finished the final season of How I Met Your Mother and it contained so many feels it had me crying. (Yes, it is okay for a grown man to cry) It really is remarkable how much you connect to a TV show after 9 years but when the final credits rolled showing all the characters from the first season it really hits you just how much has changed. 598 more words

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Love is the Best Thing We Do

If someone told me six years ago that I would write a romance novel I would have laughed. I had a fear of commitment, I wanted to gag at the sight of roses or if I heard anything that sounded romantic. 242 more words

Sobre el inexplicable amor a un perro

Y no sólo un perro, sino cualquier mascota que tengas, seguramente desde la primera que le tuviste en brazos sentiste que todo lo que tienes, sería para ese pequeño ser que llegó a alegrarte la vida. 358 more words


Will I Meet Your Mother?

Ted Mosby. Ο ήρωας της σύγχρονης καθημερινότητας. Ο ρομαντικός που ψάχνει απεγνωσμένα τον έρωτα στο χάος της εποχής μας. Ο άνθρωπος που δε φοβάται να πει “I Love You” στο πρώτο ραντεβού, αν το νιώσει. 34 more words

How I Met Your Mother: Series Finale

A common plot device/formula that TV series (sitcoms in particular) employ is the on-again/off-again couple. They are the ones that date (sometimes get married) and break-up multiple times before (usually) reconciling for a “happily ever after”. 899 more words

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Bringing Out The Best

If you remember my first post, I told you all that I have recently been trying to say yes to more opportunities. I also told you I would share a story where I said yes in a later post. 221 more words

10 Episodes To Remind You That You Don't Actually Hate How I Met Your Mother

Ending a TV show is hard. Ending a TV show that’s gone on for 9 seasons is especially hard. And if that show has been so focused on its ending for the entirety of its run that even the show’s title refers to that pivotal moment, making an ending that satisfies everyone is nigh impossible. 1,566 more words