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The Mystery Of The Pineapple On 'How I Met Your Mother' Was Finally Solved

The identity of the titular (hehe!) mother on How I Met Your Mother was eventually revealed, but there was one mystery creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas never got around to solving: where did that damn pineapple come from? 103 more words


The How I Met Your Mother Alternate Ending Has Been Released And It Is Roughly 1 Million Times Better Than The Original Ending

***Spoilers follow if you didn’t watch the finale for How I Met Your Mother (Duh)***

Original Ending:

Alternate Ending:

How do you end a fun, light-hearted show that had you root for the underdog main character, despite his annoying tendencies?   178 more words

How to interact with your professors (including Sheldon Cooper)

When professors are portrayed on television, the result is usually an awkward depiction of a true college instructor. Sure, sometimes Hollywood inspires us, but we’re kept laughing with portrayals such as Sheldon Cooper ( 556 more words


Why Creators Should Have Given 'HIMYM' Fans a Happy Medium

In light of the recent leak of How I Met Your Mother’s alternate ending, I felt this would be the perfect moment to blog about my thoughts on the… 513 more words


When In Doubt, Just 'Mosby It'

Though I was never an avid viewer of How I Met Your Mother, I remember one line in an early episode where the alarmingly forward Ted Mosby says, “You know what? 565 more words

Catching Up

27 August, Day 17

Met my friend today at a hangout near the campus. He has no class to teach so we bonded over wintermelon tea.

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