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Love, Lust, Infatuation...or Fear?

Have you ever been Ted Mosby’ed? Or are you Ted Mosby?
Or do you really even know what you are talking about? 629 more words


Meanings of Love I Learned from the Characters of HIMYM

I am two years late to know this group of friends and I actually did not regret it. Being able to watch it as I am learning how to grow is like hitting two birds in one stone.Upon watching, of course you will have that SepAnx (Separation Anxiety) moment and my way to release this feeling is to summarize the meanings of love I learned from the characters of How I Met your Mother. 455 more words


Day 8

Today I realized that the architects in my university have HUGE egos. I was not expecting that. Did I mention I study Architecture before?

I like to pretend that I’m the lesbian version of Ted Mosby. 86 more words

Love is the best thing we do

Love is the best thing we do.

There are movies, songs, books, television shows, that will at times touch us all. As crazy as it may seem that fictional characters and events can move us emotionally, they do. 710 more words

Life/ Reflective

How I Met Your Mother - A legend-waitforit-dary journey!

She called. Something was going on and she needed him.
He was just a second away from one of the most important interviews in his life. 28 more words

Random Thought

These are a few of my favorite things: Looking back on How I Met Your Mother (2005-2014)

I promised at the end of March this past year that  I would give a review of the series finale to How I Met Your Mother… 903 more words


Born Sinner

I got a life in my grip, she holding tight to my wrists
She screaming don’t let me slip, she see the tears in my eyes…
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