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"NRA Mad House Of Mirrors": The Scandalous Dirty Laundry That Will Not Get Hung Out To Air

We live in a post 9/11 society that has harnessed an ability to employ every technological means along with unleashing legal restraints to fortify unparalleled security measures in our war for safety. 941 more words


Acoustic Track Of The Week: High Enough by Damn Yankees

Besides the fact that this was one of my guilty pleasures to listen to back in the day, but what the hell Ted Nugent, Tommy Shaw, and Jack Blades are in this band. 177 more words


Abbott Plays the Race Card In Response to the Houston Votes Raid Scandal

Charles Kuffner has linked to and commented on this interesting story from the Dallas Morning News investigative blog. Briefly, members of the Texas Democratic Party have asked the U.S. 293 more words

Things better left unsaid.

She slowly pulled her car up around the circular driveway. The morning sun and dew made everything look like it was covered in a moist, sugary glaze of happiness. 668 more words


Who Would Win K&M's Rock Star Fight Club?

It seems that Ted Nugent and Sebastian Bach have a problem with each other, so this spawns K&M to put together a Rock Star Fight Club. 100 more words

Karlson & McKenzie

Ted Talk: 16 Most Provocative Quotes From Our Ted Nugent Interview

By Brian Ives

Let’s say that you don’t have the time to read our entire 4,000 word interview with Ted Nugent. Or, perhaps, as someone from the opposite side of the political fence, 4,000 words may be a bit much – but you just want to get to the meaty parts (some pun intended). 1,750 more words

The Route 103