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Milwaukee Journal Sentinel "Outdoors" Writer Paul Smith on Wisconsin Wolf Slaughter: Nothing to See Here Move Along

Whenever the Wisconsin DNR starts to get negative feedback or when people start questioning their motives it is a sure bet that the “outdoor” writers for the state newspapers will undoubtedly jump to their defense and get the spin machine rolling. 1,264 more words

Jack Blades Talks New Night Ranger Album And Possible Damn Yankees Reunion

On the latest All Access Pass with Billy Kidd, Billy talked to Night Ranger and Damn Yankees bassist and lead singer Jack Blades. They talked the new Night Ranger album, surviving the 80’s, and the possibility of a Damn Yankees reunion. 522 more words


Fox News is my muse

I’m not one to label someone a racist simply for refusing to acknowledge the racial inequalities that continue to plaque the U.S. – even if I can’t come up with another explanation for such cognitive dissonance. 439 more words


Pant Crapping Draft Dodger and Convicted Poacher Ted Nugent Advocates Poaching of Wolves

I will let the words of this washed up draft dodging musician turned racist rightwing blowhard and convicted poacher speak for themselves:

Ted Nugent

WISCONSIN Spirit BloodBrothers the Weisner family trapped this stunning wolf. 122 more words

How Ted Nugent Avoided the Draft | Military.com

Ted Nugent talks all big and bad and waves guns around and shoots at pigs from helicopters, and he humiliates himself in the WORST way to avoid the draft for Viet Nam. 33 more words

Viet Nam

Do You Remember Your First Concert?

A story came across our desks today about Dierks Bentley’s first concert and it got us thinking, everyone for the most part remembers their first concert. 188 more words