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Discover: Mark Ronson

Some weeks I’m perplexed about who to write about, but I felt like I had to mention…

…who Mark Ronson is!

Mark is on my radar lately ever since his song “Uptown Funk” featuring Bruno Mars has become the #1 song on iTunes…which it is #1 right now! 396 more words

Ted Talks: Esther Duflo


Esther Duflo wants to emphasize that even though benefits from aid given to other countries may not show improvement, that there is no way to tell if the country would be better off or worse for it. 71 more words

'May books be always with you' (Lisa Bu)

It makes me feel ashamed that I have 4 books to my name and not one that would inspire or interest this woman in any way. 23 more words

TED Talks

The Week in Geek: Notch goes Hollywood, #Grapplergate and BBC links up with TED

This week’s big geek culture stories, distinctly non-Christmassy!

Notch buys a Hollywood mansion

What do you do when you’ve just sold your small-time game development company for a cheeky couple of billion? 482 more words

Geek Is

TedTalk#5 Power of "we"

There is something very important I realized just lately – “there is no win when you win alone”.

I used to be proud of my self-dependence. 123 more words

TED Talks

TED Talk: Why We Choose Suicide

In this video Mark Henick talks about his battle with depression, and his multiple attempts of suicide. In it he talks about perception, and how our perception can narrow to a certain point and remain there. 151 more words


First is the Worst, Second is the Best

I’m not kidding! In the realm of leadership and influencing change, it’s not about being the first person in a movement, it’s about being the first follower of that movement. 622 more words