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"The Power of Vulnerability"-A guide to "Wholehearted Living", and Confidence

Almost as soon as I published my last post…I began to struggle with my one word: confidence. Ironically I began to feel less confident. We were going through professional staff training and some of the sessions were really hard for me.  517 more words

Higher Education

My first preaching experience

It came and went rather quickly. The buildup, just like with anything big and important in our lives, was much longer and grander than the actual event (which could be a separate post itself). 804 more words


TED talk: Why Math Instruction is Unnecessary

12 minutes. The title is misleading, but you’ve gotta watch all of it to know why.

Esther: this would have saved me lots of ineffective investment lessons. 137 more words


The cost of prettiness

Prettiness is not a rent you pay for occupying a space marked ‘female’.

—Diana Vreeland

I’d never thought much about the costs of personal grooming until I watched 

1,375 more words

Apollo Robbins

Control someone’s attention can be a good and bad thing. Displayed in this Ted Talk you can see giving all of your attention to something can blind you to things you don’t really pay your mind to at the moment. 96 more words

Ted Talks

Amy Cuddy

This Ted Talk was extremely long but filled with information I’ve never heard of or thought about. Your brain and your thoughts can change your body. 102 more words

Ted Talks

Web Snippet: "Writer's Block via PHD Comics"

LOL! Ok if you are not familiar with PHD Comics, your time has come: Get familiar!!! PHD Comics.

PHD stands for “Piled Higher and Deeper” which is a joke for those of us with or pursuing or know those who have or are pursing PhDs. 232 more words

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