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Watch how technology allows an amputee to dance again

Technology has been instrumental in creating realistic and lifelike prosthetic limbs over the past several years. One of the most impressive examples yet comes from Hugh Herr, an associate professor of media arts and sciences at MIT. 127 more words


Great TED talk by Amanda Burden on Public Spaces



More than 8 million people are crowded together to live in New York City. What makes it possible? In part, it’s the city’s great public spaces — from tiny pocket parks to long waterfront promenades — where people can stroll and play.

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履歷 v.s. 墓誌銘 Resume V.S. Eulogy

履歷和墓誌銘是兩個截然不同的東西, 意義和功能都不太ㄧ樣, 但是兩者卻有共通性 。ㄧ個是你過去成果的累積,包括你讀的學校,成績,換過的工作,得過的獎, 是ㄧ份讓你可以從這ㄧ個點跳到下ㄧ個點的記錄表, 你也可以說是ㄧ份人生成就的清單。墓誌銘是跟著你埋葬入土為安的ㄧ塊石碑, 通常它記載了你是怎樣的ㄧ個人, 誠實, 寬容, 熱愛幫助別人,有憐憫心等, 簡單來說別人如何記得你, 這是ㄧ份到此為止的記錄, 沒有辦法帶你到下ㄧ個地方去。

履歷是我們踏入社會找工作時第ㄧ份要寫的文件, 墓誌銘是我們離開世界的最後ㄧ份文件。孰者重要呢? 紐約時報專欄作家 大衛.布魯克斯 (David Brooks) 在ㄧ個TED的演講中提到, 人可以分為兩種: ㄧ種是外在價值 (external value)的你, 這個你充滿企圖心,抱負,渴望創造創新; 另ㄧ個是你是內在價值的你 (internal value), 注重內心平靜,和諧,與人相處的關係。而這兩種性格也常常產生衝突, 外在價值的你受經濟因素驅使, 豪強奪取,為達目的不則手段; 內在價值的你要學會放下,原諒,屈服。這兩個你同時存在, 也經常在打架。我們渴望外在的成功,別人的肯定, 卻又希望獲得內心的平靜。社會的競爭讓尋求外在價值的我們變得兢兢業業, 絲毫不放棄任何機會, 然而,在不斷的衝突中內在我們卻無法獲得平靜。我們變得會算計, 不開心, 我們不斷在履歷上累積成績但是在墓誌銘上卻是空白的。 100 more words

The Art That Breaks Silence

David Schwartz of We Are Lions– “A community that makes art into clothing and clothing into art. Raising money for incredible artists with and without disabilities and great organizations”– gives a TEDx talk about how imperfections great and small, whether labeled as a disability or not, are the shared traits that make us gloriously human.

Developmental Disabilities

The Birth of a Word

Several years ago Deb Roy, a researcher at MIT, set up video cameras in every room of his house to record his son’s life.  (New parents may think this is a great idea for capturing family life.)  This particular experiment, however, became something much bigger.   48 more words


Cultural Lesson on "Seduction"

I’ve been marathoning TEDtalks these last few days, and today I watched one where Chen Lizra raises an alternate point of view towards seduction culture (flirting in the streets, etc.) Although her work is based in Cuba, I think her observations translate quite well in Guadeloupe, and may help us understand why Guadeloupean body language and catcalling may not just be creepy-as-all-hell, nor completely sex-focused as Westerners are quick to point the finger at. 344 more words

TED TALK - Hugh Herr: The new bionics that let us run, climb and dance

The future is here. No, really… it is. Even though this is a generation that has seen technology exponentially progress, we still have had trouble really grasping what that means as far as humans and technology interfacing. 70 more words