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Were those who investigated Rick Scott’s improprieties which led to a pleading of the fifth “paranoid?” If so, perhaps someone should read the book by the late central NY psychiatrist, Thomas Szaz, … 563 more words

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So What's the Good Pirate to do on a Day Such as This?

“I go so far as to say that I do not regret having been his prisoner for some time… He is not a bandit, not a murderer, but a patriot forced into acts of brigandage to save his native soil and his people from the yoke of tyranny.” 481 more words

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Teddy Roosevelt

Teddy Roosevelt was a hero of mine.  The same with his fifth cousin, Franklin Delano Roosevelt.  I am enjoying the PBS special about the Roosevelts, learning much more than I could have imagined about this family for which I have had admiration for many years. 712 more words


What is a peacemaker?

In Strong’s Concordance, the word peacemaker means “pacificator” which is some that pacifies. Simply to bring or restore a state of peace per dictionary.com. This means there is conflict that must be restored, but how is it restored? 151 more words


Get Action

“Get action. Do things; be sane, don’t fritter away your time; create, act, take a place wherever you are and be somebody; get action.”

Teddy Roosevelt.


"Roosevelts" . . .

We happened to watch the opening two-hour film, “The Roosevelts” by Ken Burns on PBS last Sunday night. We were surprised to see the second two-hour segment last night. 730 more words

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Travelling President

Theodore Roosevelt was the first United States president to journey outside US borders while in the office. The visit was to the Panama canal being built at the time, a pet project of his. 9 more words