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80 Teddy Ruxpin bears hung on a wall speaking actual quotes about human feelings scraped from the web

This 2012 art installation came up in conversation earlier today, when Henry told me about the day he visited Axman Surplus in Saint Paul and passed on the opportunity to buy 100 Teddy Ruxpin innards, including working mouth and cassette player. 322 more words

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Who needs Disney World when Teddy Ruxpin is jamming on his keyboard?!



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Throwback Thursday: Teddy Ruxpin

In the 80s, there were stuffed animals and then there was Teddy Ruxpin. When all you wanted was for your toys to talk back to you, he asked if you wanted to be his friend, read you endless bedtime stories, and instead of just staring at your toys, Teddy allowed you to interact. 74 more words

My Childhood Is Over: The Teddy Ruxpin Edition

Growing up, my mother loved me in many ways.

She bought me this:

And this:

And even this:

But you know what she didn’t buy me? 222 more words

Trip Down Memory Lane


Ken Forsse – the creator of the talking Teddy Ruxpin toy bear — is dead at 77.

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TJBearytales 2005

TJBEARYTALES is an animated toy by Playskool. His ears, arms and mouth move as he reads stories, sings songs and plays games. There were books, story cartridges and accessories to accompany some of the stories. 88 more words

The World of Teddy Ruxpin 1985 - 1987


This picture shows:

- Two original and fully working Teddy Ruxpin bears, with the metal cassette players.
- Grubby, Teddy’s friend, with the animation cord that enables Teddy and Grubby to talk and sing through the cassettes together. 103 more words