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Help! I've eaten another packet of biscuits!!!

So if you look back through my catalogue of post you will come across some “motivated” healthy eating, got my game on, best apps to exercise…kind of post and would be tricked into thinking I’m all get up an go. 420 more words


Dan Dennett and I agree on a few things...

I was trying to find some easier ways to talk about the origins of religion with my students when I came across this TED talk by philosopher Dan Dennett, where he challenges Rick Warren’s A Purpose-Driven Life, makes a case for teaching world religions to all students (love!), and provides a brief look into the evolutionary aspects of religion. 175 more words


A complete and total failure!!!

So this week I failed miserably… It was awesome!!! The lesson of the week was all about how DNA is used to make protein. Sunday night I looked over my PowerPoint and thought to myself this is going to be awesome! 965 more words

Collective consumption, lets share it round!

Here is a fantastic video all about the concept which NotDeadThreads was born out of; collective consumption.

In this piece, Rachel Botsman speaks about how we as a society can learn from the idea of collective consumption and in turn, live better, more sustainable as a result.

Have a watch!


VIDEO: A Fantastic Take On Obesity And Nutrition

Are we blaming the wrong thing? Is obesity the real problem? Or is it just the signal of a greater, more sinister threat?


Atrendia Friday Video 24 - The Power of Empathy

This TedTalk video was sent to me by my client John Heard in San Antonio, TX.¬† John runs an amazing organization called Heard & Smith… 77 more words

Atrendia Friday Video

How old are you on the inside?

I watched another TED Talk yesterday, this one by Isabel Allende titled How To Live Passionately. It made me smile, nod, and get a bit teary-eyed. 86 more words

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