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Side Effect

In my last post I talked about dealing with my (fairly) recently discovered anxiety disorders. It’s hard enough to go through life being constantly worried about things that you have absolutely no control over. 795 more words

Advice from Amanda Palmer

Eryn mentioned this TedTalk to me the other day as a good resource, and reminder for us, who are about to do a lot of asking.

Our bodies change our minds

Our bodies change our minds

…our minds change our behaviour

…and our behaviour changes our outcomes.

Food For Thought

Why do people hurt themselves?

I recently read the Oedipus plays and a reoccurring theme in the novel is hurting yourself. In Oedipus the King, Jacoste kills herself and Oedipus blinds himself. 1,049 more words


Na dobry koniec tygodnia

Dosyć często przeszukuję internet w poszukiwaniu inspiracji, a głównie motywacji do działania. Chciałabym się z Wami podzielić od czasu do czasu moimi znaleziskami.

Trochę do poczytania i trochę do posłuchania / oglądania, czyli inspirujące linki na weekend.  105 more words

Okruchy życia

Elizabeth Gilbert: Your elusive creative genius

Feeling rather down (and probably stuck) after a critique session on my FYP idea so I decided that I should actually pen down all these emotional and psychological thoughts somewhere (oh maybe start a new secret blog) because it is part of the FYP process journey, which of course would NEVER be smooth sailing and fairytale-y. 158 more words

Creative Block