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What does it mean to live without stuff?

Today I saw this talk about how much stuff we have. I always thought that people buy too much stuff they don’t need – but I don’t. 196 more words


The most important blog post you'll ever read: the secret to happiness

When I first started this blog, I said there was no secret to happiness. Rather, happiness was a state of being and to be happy, you had to do happy acts and seek joy in every day moments. 384 more words

The Brave one

Yesterday I read many beautiful articles on courage and listened to a TED Talk by Mel Robbins titled ‘F— YOU — how to stop screwing yourself over ‘ and overall coincidentally I came across a series of articles to start taking charge of your life with a dash (or at times bucket loads) of courage. 144 more words

Self-love: love you being you

I have been struggling with my identify for quite sometime and I plan to share my struggles with you in my next post. In the meantime I highly recommend you watch this inspirational Ted Talk by Rosie King “How autism freed me to be myself.” 79 more words


Audio Story

I loveĀ  Ted Talk Radio. This story is called Why We Lie


Watch "Glenn Greenwald: Why privacy matters" on YouTube

Glenn Greenwald: Why privacy matters: http://youtu.be/pcSlowAhvUk

Pretty sic….great talk on explaining why privacy matters and goes over why its important to explain privacy to those who have the impaired belief that “i dont have to worry about privacy because im not doing anything wrong….” Good stuff

Learning About Everything Else...

Fake It Till You Make It

Yesterday I was in a horrible, no good, very bad mood. I had slept horribly, I was trying to learn a new software program and it was not going well, and traffic was so bad I stayed late at work rather than sit in my car going nowhere. 411 more words