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Purpose Of Life : Another Perspective

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TED Ed Club Goes to TEDx Jakarta (TED Ed Club Story Part 5)

My TED Ed Club goes to TEDx Jakarta at Tsu Chi International School, Pantai Indah Kapuk! In this blog post, I will share the ‘nuggets’ of the ideas worth spreading at TEDx Jakarta here! 705 more words


TED Called Me the Next Minute

18 minutes later, TEDx emailed me and said they were “very fascinated” with my speech topics and that they wanted to see a full draft of my speech. 71 more words

How My Blind Date with Ted Went

TEDx requires an hour conference call with a panel of judges before they decide if they even want to continue talking to you. If they do, then you have to show them an outline of your talk before they even select you. 482 more words

Finding the funny on ‘Off the Beaten Path’!

All you sweet, lovely and hopefully not so chilly folks! Yes you out there! Not just you peeping over your friend’s laptop but also you with the snazzy phone! 496 more words

TEDx 2015

Go with Your Gut

Whelp, I have no idea what I’m doing with my life. I know I’m young and it’s okay to be confused, but I’m freaking terrified. I feel like someone kidnapped me from my childhood of mud pies and making burials for earth worms and threw me into a foreign land and all they said was one of those inspirational TEDx speeches that inspire you for the duration of the speech and maybe another two minutes after it’s over. 324 more words


A day of TEDx talks from people who dedicate their lives to the global good

On the day he was released from his cell, Vincent Cochetel sported a beard “that would be trendy today.” It was not a fashion decision. In 1998, Cochetel, the director of the Bureau for Europe for the UN High Commission on Refugees, was kidnapped in Chechnya and held hostage for 317 days, most of that time chained to a bed. 1,128 more words


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