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1.  When we hear you say, “My kid tells me everything,” we shake our heads with sadness, because we know you are being seriously manipulated.  Your child tells you 1) what makes him look good; 2) what he thinks you want to hear, and 3) whatever will push your buttons to make you mad at the school or teacher and let him off the hook.   412 more words

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Working on representation on website

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Tech support (my 17 year old son) fixed the display of my blog on the homepage of my web site, but I posted it incorrectly this AM and so am re-posting. 38 more words

I've been away for so long

I’m not certain why I abandoned this project nearly a year ago. Probably had to do with my teen aged psychopath of a daughter, and major depression that followed some of her serious behavior. 336 more words


Speaking in Teen Code

Politicians and diplomats could take a lesson from teenagers when it comes to being noncommittal.  Translating the hidden meaning behind the words teens speak is like an art form.   155 more words

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