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I'm A Teen Blogger

I’ve been trying to utilize my social media much more lately, especially Twitter, and I came across the hashtag #teenblogger. I clicked on it and was pleasantly surprised and interested to find teen bloggers doing their thing on the internet. 615 more words


Wanted: Guest Blogger?

So apparently, some blogs do this thing where they have like, other bloggers come onto their blog and write a post or two.

I think this sounds like the coolest thing ever, and I would love to have a guest blogger write a post or two on here. 6 more words


The Meaning Of Zip

Zip – A slang term I invented a few minutes ago.


“She pushed her Chanel sunglasses up to her forehead, her caramel eyes now on display for him to see. 120 more words


These Are My New Shoes.

I got new shoes recently. You’re probably wondering why I’m dedicating a post for shoes, and that would be because it was the one thing that made me happy last week. 127 more words


Forensic Science???

Last year when signing up for classes, I requested fashion design, and gothic literature as some electives.

This year I was told that both of those classes were not available, as not enough people were interested in them for the classes to run. 88 more words


Update: My Somewhat Existing Lovelife

So, there is a guy.

I’m not going to mention his name, but I will say he’s probably the most attractive guy I’ve ever met. He’s tall, Hispanic, plays varsity football, and runs a restaurant with his family. 85 more words


Falling of the Face of the Planet and Returning Again

Hey… Long time no post… right? Haha….

Sorry about that guys! Like really genuinely sorry about that. I didn’t mean to just fall off the face of the planet. 382 more words