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Welcome, Fall

Today is September 2nd. I am sitting on my couch in my fluffy blue bathrobe, drinking iced coffee and watching a documentary on the magician Harry Houdini on the History Channel. 180 more words


How my life has changed.

I feel like one of the healthiest things one can do for oneself is critical evaluation.

So, it’s my senior year. The last year that I’ll be going to school without paying for it, the last year I’ll be living with my parents full time, the last year that I’ll have to wake up five days a week at 5:45 to get ready! 237 more words

What She Said

Red Dress Obsession

I finally found the perfect color for me. It all started last year, at a close family friend’s wedding. Indecisive as I was in trying to find the perfect fit, I finally found this beautiful Gryphon New York dress at Intermix. 40 more words


Happy Birthday To Me!

I’m back! (again!)

For the last few weeks I was not able to update my blog – I was without electronics for a week, and then my laptop was not working. 58 more words


Guest Post | Final Part: Superhero Movies

Hello! This will be the final movie list I have for you. I would say it’s my 2nd best list so I really hope you agree :-) I feel my lists are suitable for a range of ages young and old. 178 more words



So yes I’ve been gone for quite some time now but I’m back and have a ton to write about… I’ve always loved this blog. I have been reading all my old posts over and over again, remembering the struggles and victories behind each one. 185 more words

Ladies and Gentlemen...

I’d like to continue my maid of honor duties by giving that awesome speech you all are just dying to hear…

We are gathered here to witness the destruction of my views on marriage as my best friend decides to put herself through it.  361 more words

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