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The future is far too close:

“I don’t want to grow old with unlived lives in my veins that leave me feeling unsatisfied” – Luna

Does anybody ever fear that?
That one day you’ll get to the ripe age of 80 and you’ll realise that you never done enough. 95 more words


I was thinking about the time change and how last week was the British Summer time change where all clocks springed forward an hour, and how in autumn the fall back an hour. 515 more words

I finally finished my psych essay, woohoo.

I am dead. So dead. I can’t even move, man. I need sleep, but I still have more homework to do and can I just cry?

What She Said

My DIY Project

So, being vegan for over a year now (SO CRAZY I KNOW!!), I’ve decided that I really need to start applying my veganism to more areas in my life, most notably my beauty products. 227 more words

What She Said

Why don't you understand

You, of all people, should have been the one who understood.

You should have been the one who understood that I get cranky sometimes. You should have been the one who let that one side-comment pass. 163 more words

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The Book Thief by Markus Zusak | Book Review

So quite a while ago, I read The Book Thief by Markus Zusak and I said for ages that I would review and didn’t and I’m sorry, but the words just weren’t ready to come out in text-post form, I suppose. 615 more words

The happenings.

So I realised that I haven’t actually done an update post as such in a while… Since 31st December actually.

I KID, I KID. I am very sorry indeed. 714 more words