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Bait, bets and bridal showers.


Summer is at it’s end… for most of you! For me, the fall quarter doesn’t start until the third week of September. 336 more words

Teen Blogger

First Youtube Video Ideas

WOW I’ve been gone. I’m really sorry about that…but I’m back and I promise you guys I’m working on big things! I really need some advice on what kind of Youtube video should be my first. 59 more words


I know it’s not quite August yet, but it’s getting close.

For me August is just one big Sunday. You have that feeling in your stomach because you know the next day you have to go back to work/school. 204 more words


Already leaving?! Need advice..

Hi readers! So as you may have noticed it is not the usual day I post and the reason for this is I am having speculations about this blog.. 205 more words


Mystery Guy - "Love At First Sight"

The events I’m about to describe happened Fall of last year.

I walked into the room, and immediately my eyes fell on him. He wore a suit and tie, and was probably the most intriguing guy I had ever seen. 202 more words



There’s a week left until Ramadan finishes and I honestly cannot wait for Eid and for these six week holidays to finally get started!!! However, I do think it’ll be one of the most solitary holidays I’ve had because two of my sisters and my brother are off to America and once they come back my parents are off to Pakistan and Dubai. 264 more words

My opinion on: Beyoncé

WHO cannot love the Queen B? She’s perfect, she is an AMAZING singer, has a great personality and can dance too!! I’m a BIG fan of B and she’s one of my idols and I’ve always loved her. 164 more words