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Been Really Into Breathing Lately.

And when I say breathing I mean doing absolutely nothing.

I get up, exercise, shower, brush my teeth and blah blah blah blah fast forward to the part where I go downstairs get coffee power on my laptop and stalk you all. 52 more words


Here's Another Poem.

Been really into poetry lately. Expect tons of poems into the future.

Fireflies spitting light

Into the whispering dark night

Full moon, black heart

Empty soul, fresh start… 10 more words


Thoughts Of The Day

Here are my thoughts of the day in poem form.


Head pounding

Heart racing

Legs numb

Thinking of…….

Cute boy I might see tomorrow… 34 more words


Not just a feeling

It happened again, his love came to me. Like a flood, wiping away everything. It just came and there was no room for anything else. I feel new. 274 more words


Hey Everyone!

So today I went through all my posts from the past two years and my oh my!! I can honestly say that I have came a  199 more words


Daily Post #5 : Music

Hey guys :)

Hope you are having a good day

SO today on daily post we are talking about MUSIC. I’m really excited because I love music and I can just talk about it all day. 178 more words


Need for Teens to have Jobs

I’m just going to take my time and have a little bit of a pre meditated rant here.

If you are a teenager or some sort of caretaker of teenagers, you are probably aware of the apparent need that teens feel to get a part time job as soon as they are able to. 458 more words

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