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Self Worth

“When you realize how much you’re worth, you’ll stop giving people discounts .” ~ Unknown



Men. Something that will continue to confuse me every day of my life.

I’ve been chasing boys since I was 5. ┬áNo really, I’m not lying. 224 more words


When Your Parents Aren't Together Anymore

The first time I saw my dad cry was two years ago, when he told me that my mom and him were getting a divorce. 306 more words


The Slap

This video made me cry. It’s a must watch.


Daily Post #13: I'M DONE!

Hey guys,

SO I am finally done exams I can blog again, I am so happy I could cry. DON’T WORRY! I won’t I’ll just smile, and just be happy and get blogging again. 23 more words



Yesterday at noon I went to register for my classes. I got a tour from a student (a very nice and cute guy named Justin) and received my schedule. 87 more words


Second Semester

It’s the first day of the second semester and I’m already done. I missed first period and now I’m in second period. There are only 136 more days, until my summer vacation starts. 179 more words