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The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round

It’s that time of the month again….no — not THAT time.  It’s that time of the month where I am exasperated by the mere existence of my 16 year old teen. 825 more words


A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Bathroom

My teenage boys have their own bathroom – and rightfully so.  Who in their right mind would want to share such a space with  skanky (my auto correct would like to refer to these unkept humans as SWANKY) teenage boys.   641 more words

Blog Writing

Why Would YOU Remain Abstinent?

Students of Club A provide messages that explain in short detail why they would remain sex free.

Independence Day (1996)

Sci-Fi starring Will Smith
-Year: 1996
-Year in film: 1990s
-Country: USA
-Who in bibs: Troy ~16, Dylan ~7. men
-Available on DVD: yes
-I own: yes, TV recording… 175 more words


Praying for Others: Teen-age Boys

With the attic fan on, I can no longer hear the heavy metal music over the Xbox as they battle zombies, insurgents, and Sith.  They may be back in the dining room rolling dice, warring against trolls and looking for treasure.  374 more words

Life Lessons

I am Leaving the Game

I am tired of playing the game and I am feeling a bit resigned.

My 16 year old and I (absent of thought from the 16 year old) are in a life’s game of “Whack-a-Mole.”  Each time he pops up in some spontaneous and random order, I am there with my mallet, forcing him back into his hole by hitting him directly on the head.   551 more words