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Heathers (1988)

“People will look at the ashes of Westerburg and say, ‘Now there’s a school that self-destructed, not because society didn’t care, but because the school was society.’ Now that’s deep.” – JD (Christian Slater) 431 more words


Kat McNamara's Excited For 'Happyland' Shoot

Yesterday (March 27th) was the official start date of the filming of MTV’s Happyland. Kat McNamara, one of the stars of the series, is very excited about being part of it, posting an adorable first day selfie. 127 more words

Disney Star And Celebrity News

Sixteen Candles

(A quick note before I write this review. I think that I watched this movie on Monday evening. I was going to review it when I came to work on Tuesday but I forgot to bring my laptop that day and I’ve been on the road since then because of an Arcade Fire concert in Pittsburgh Wednesday and then a Paul Simon/Sting concert in DC on Wednesday. 965 more words


Date and Switch (2014)

It’s a bit interesting (to me) how every year I’m getting farther away from my high-school years yet movies that deal with that period of time aren’t as strange as I am expecting them to be. 805 more words

US Movies

81. LULL Club

In a near-future world where having divorced parents is the absolute norm, a mixed group of high school outcasts whose parents are still in a loving marriages struggle with the incessant bullying of their classmates while attempting to preserve the chasteness of their book club “Lovers of Unrequited Lovers Literature” (LULL), despite their raging teenage hormones and growing curiosity about the opposite sex.



Since American Pie took over the box office in 1999, mainstream American teen comedies run on sex and raunch and little else. I’m not arguing that’s a huge problem. 967 more words