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The Cleopatra Society, Prologue


Daisy Buchanan in The Great Gatsby: ‘All the bright precious things fade so fast… and they don’t come back.’

Looking back on it I should have known that nothing in my life would last. 207 more words


Book #13: Anna and the French Kiss

Stephanie Perkins, Anna and the French Kiss, (2010), 372p

I have to make a really bold statement. Like extremely bold. This might be the cutest book I’ve ever read. 308 more words

The Acquisitions Department

Since I don’t manage my own library budget, I’m in a rather interesting situation with regards to buying new books and replacing stock. I started advocating for some new book stock in about March. 353 more words

Cover Reveal : Louder Than Words by Iris St. Clair!

I was honored to read an early copy of this book. Since then, I’ve been a big (huge) fan.

So, it is with great (ridiculous) excitement… 425 more words

New Release

Placebo Hearts Chapter 4: Spark

Author’s Note: Hey, ppl. So this one is the fourth chapter of Placebo Hearts. Unlike the three previous ones which are pretty much set in stone, I’m really looking to do some extensive editing here. 2,906 more words


Placebo Hearts Chapter 3: Reflection

Author’s Note: Here’s the third chapter. The saga continues! Enjoy!

Chapter 3: Reflection

“K.C! Hey, K.C! It’s time to wake up.” I let out a loud yawn and rubbed the sleep from my eyes as I rolled over to find a blurry image of Chris towering over me. 2,779 more words


Placebo Hearts Chapter 2: Friends

Author’s Note: Here is chapter two of this novel. Enjoy!

Chapter 2: Friends

“K.C! Nice of you to show up.” Chris wore that same smug grin that always appeared on his face when he was about to blast me for something. 2,461 more words