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Obsidian (Lux series 1)

Hot teenage ALIEN.

The Blacks are weird, strange, unusual but when Katy moves to town everything that she ever knew about the world is changed the moment she knocks on Daemon and Dee Blacks door.

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Chapter One

White dust dispersed into the evening sun as the old truck pulled up onto the sandy driveway. A washing line hung from the small bungalow and a row of fresh clothes swayed in the inescapable humid air. 1,956 more words



“Hello! This is Cupid’s office,” Sameer heard a sweet mesmerising voice flirt with his senses effortlessly. He was, for a minute, hypnotised by the perfection of the pitch and tone of the lady at the other end of the line. 1,005 more words


Working on my application

Hedgebrook is a global community of women writers and people who seek extraordinary books, poetry, plays, films and music by women. A literary nonprofit, our mission is to support visionary women writers whose stories and ideas shape our culture now and for generations to come. 28 more words

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The Coldest Girl in Coldtown by Holly Black

After Twilight, I thought I could not tolerate any other ‘vampires-are-so-pretty-and-i-love-them-to-death’ kind of books. (You get the death reference? ;) ) But this one turned out to be so much more. 364 more words

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Until infection do us part (Short story teaser 3)

‘I haven’t got a fucking clue anymore. Being a leader, it felt so good in the beginning, you know.’ I said taking a swig from the now half empty bottle. 271 more words


The Cleopatra Society (Short story teaser 2)

I practically skidded round the corner, pushing the bike to its max. Charlie was closing in on me, the Lamborghini’s white paint job reflecting the sun’s rays into my eyes. 223 more words