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Not Another Teen Movie

Comedy film starring Chyler Leigh
-Year: 2001
-Year in film: 2000s
-Country: USA
-Who in bibs: Janey ~18
-Available on DVD: yes
-I own: no… 101 more words


Eight Things I Wish I Knew When I Was Fifteen (VLOG EDITION!!!!)

1. Friends come and go

Don’t let it tear you up inside. There is nothing wrong with you, this is a natural step. Anybody that is meant to be in your life, will be. 673 more words


You dirty pedophile

I recently read a comment where someone said that if you ogle a 17 year old girl, you are a pedophile. Does this count if you are 18 (in the US), or do you have to be over a certain age? 316 more words

Cradle Robber

Sinful Colours Professional Nail Polish - Cinderella

Today, I wanted to try something different with nail polish. Normally, I don’t ever paint my nails, and if I do, its almost always a clear coat, or avery nude coat. 243 more words


Ms. Serita Jakes Adapts Her Book “The Princess Within” To Fit The Needs Of Teen Girls!

In a new version of her bestselling book, Serita Jakes adapts themes from The Princess Within to fit the particular needs of teen girls. Both from her experience as a mother and from years in family ministry, Serita understands the struggle teen girls face to feel beautiful, in God’s eyes and their own. 105 more words

- Daily Praise

Big Wheels and Sailor

Family film (CFF)
-Year: 1979
-Year in film: 1970s
-Country: UK
-Who in bibs: girl ~15
- 156 more words


Waiting on the Roses

“Just be patient… Your prince will come… You’ve just got to wait…”

Growing up as a Christian you hear those phrases a lot. I agree with them but it still gets annoying and old to hear the same things over and over again. 522 more words

Being Patient