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Marcelo in the Real World by Francisco X. Stork

This novel addresses the issue of autism, which is a concern and problem for many teens. Marcelo in the Real World gives readers insights into the feelings and thought processes of someone who has Asperger’s syndrome and may help readers understand others who face this challenge or similar ones. 239 more words

Young Adult


In my youth I was shy in a way so painful,

The girls hoped I would come out of my shell.

When I obnoxiously did, 11 more words


About twenty years ago I read this amazing “little” book by Arthur C. Clarke titled Childhood’s End.  I recall that the spine was deceptively slender considering the intensity of the wallops the story had to deliver on many levels.   596 more words

My World

Things I wish I could have told my teenage self.

  • You didn’t have to starve yourself to lose the weight you gained over a year before Sec 4. You would only make yourself cranky because of how hungry you felt.
  • 363 more words

Bindi Irwin, Please Fight For My Daughter

Miley Cyrus became the talk of America for her “twerking”” at the MTV awards last year. I did not watch the show, and yet have seen the oh so famous jig, simply because of the in your face, everywhere publicity it immediately gained.  346 more words


Teenagers: Giving First

Yesterday I had a chance to run our 2nd year students through the Challenge Course here at KIVU.  I love working through the team building exercises, climbing the wall, and capping the day off with the faith fall; primarily because of the deep well of information I can mine by watching them work together.   889 more words

Andy's Life

Teenagers: A Time to Explore

It’s pretty easy to explore in every direction out here in Colorado.  It seems like everywhere I look, there are new adventures to be had, new places to be seen, and new friendships that can potentially be forged into life-long relationships.   1,247 more words

Andy's Life