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Review: Six Feet Over It by Jennifer Longo

So many reasons to love this book! The main character, Leigh, sells graves in the family-owned cemetery which earns points for plot originality. Leigh is a sympathetic teenager struggling through somewhat normal teen angst. 139 more words


Thank You, Boston: We Collected Memories

Dear Boston,

My older son, John, and I returned from you late Saturday night.

We made memories on our journey.  We:


Hope for Teens with Depression

Boston Public Garden Bench from 1997 Film “Good Will Hunting

Robin Williams Memorial

I’m not much of a television viewer, but I imagine that this week the air waves have been inundated with news of the recent suicide of the genius comic and actor, Robin Williams. 266 more words


Module 10: Ttyl

Book Summary:

Composed entirely of three girls’ Instant Messages (IM) to one another, this frequently challenged book gives a look into the private, and often scandalous lives of the American teen. 562 more words

Book Review

Marcelo in the Real World by Francisco X. Stork

This novel addresses the issue of autism, which is a concern and problem for many teens. Marcelo in the Real World gives readers insights into the feelings and thought processes of someone who has Asperger’s syndrome and may help readers understand others who face this challenge or similar ones. 239 more words

Young Adult

Telling The Kids about Divorce....4 Things to Remember....

So, anyone {mostly women 😏 } who has ever thought about or gone thru with divorce has agonized over “breaking the news to the kids”. I spent hours reading blogs, advice columns, speaking with friends or church members on what is the “best” or “proper” way to break the news without totally messing them up — this is what I found: … 567 more words



In my youth I was shy in a way so painful,

The girls hoped I would come out of my shell.

When I obnoxiously did, 11 more words