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The OB Appointment

I’d never been to the OB/GYN before in my life. My family practice doc prescribed my birth control pills and did a Pap smear once before. 2,475 more words

written by: Jeremy Entwistle
photography by: Julien Haler

Sex is a sensitive subject. It’s a subject that’s difficult to discuss. We don’t discuss it and when we do, it feels entirely uncomfortable for everybody. 841 more words


And We Stay by Jenny Hubbard

This is the story of seventeen-year-old Emily Bean who is shipped off to Amherst boarding school in Massachusetts after her ex-boyfriend approaches her in the school library, threatens her, and then commits suicide. 211 more words


And So it Begins...

It was February 13th 2012, the day before the long awaited Hallmark holiday, Valentines Day. Where love struck teenagers and happily married couples buy chocolates and flowers because some stupid romantic comedy made it look reasonable. 233 more words



I was raised in a conservative Christian home and was taught to cherish life.
As I stood in the Dunkin Donuts bathroom, I knew that I would give up anything for this baby. 1,812 more words

Summertime 2002: Positive

(I should mention at some point over the summer I had gotten a large tattoo on my lower back as well as a tongue piercing- JR insisted. 1,860 more words


So, somehow you have found my blog. somehow, you have managed to stumble upon the blog im creating through a normal wordpress account. like a normal person. 296 more words

12 Weeks Pregnant