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Worth or Waste: Teen Titans Go

The show would be more appropriately titled Teen Titans Where Did you Go!  As humorous as it may be at times throughout the 30 minutes, there is something missing in each episode.   251 more words

Worth Or Waste?

Father and son: 2020

A father and a son are watching Frozen.

The son asks the father,

“Dad, what did you watch when the graphics weren’t this advanced? TV must have been boring.” 263 more words

Short Story

Jay Mewes Promotes Free Comic Book Day

Jay Mewes who you may know as Jay, the vocal half of the duo Jay and Silent Bob in the movie Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back… 78 more words

Parker’s Pick Ep. 086: TEEN TITANS GO! #2

Welcome to PARKER’S PICK.
This week 11-year old Parker recommends TEEN TITANS GO! #2
By Sholly Fisch, Merrill Hagan, Jorge Corona and Lea Hernandez… 14 more words

Stan Lee Promotes FCBD

This year, Free Comic Book Day is taking place on Saturday May 3rdat participating comic book shops across the country and worldwide! There are 60 FREE comics that are available to choose from for both kids and adults.

59 more words

Upcoming Posts


Hello interweb, Nate here.  I just wanted to let you guys know about some upcoming posts I am planning on making in the future.  Some of the posts might not be around for a while but if there is a specific post you guys want me to do ASAP, then let me know.

If Cartoons Could Win Oscars...

Cartoon Network thought it would be cool if cartoons could participate in the Oscars. Well, since the Oscars are only for movies, CN decided to post their own thoughts about some characters who might be nominated… 305 more words

Adventure Time