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Catch Up Review #8 - Teen Top, BTOB, VIXX, Boyfriend

These groups are seen as the next generation boy bands and are currently rising to be the next top boy groups in South Korea. And this review consist of 4 songs, let’s move along now. 653 more words


Teen Top (틴탑) - I'm Sorry (우린문없어)

Niga muneul beok chago naga beoryeosseul ttae

Neoreul jabeul suga eobseotji
Niga tteonabeorigo teong bin jarien
Jeongjeongmani heulleotji
Nunchido eobsi kapeen
Seulpeun noraega heulleo naoneunde… 326 more words


2014.11.26 NEWS Teen Top, sues the netizens who spread false rumors regarding album sajaegi “considering litigation” (full press release)

Album Sajaegi is the act of buying back your own albums to create the perception of having high album sales.

translated by: thankyouandweloveyouteentop

Source: http://tenasia.hankyung.com/archives/377365… 553 more words


TOP Media Sues 4 Netizens For Spreading Rumor About Buy-Back/'Sajaegi' of Teen Top's Album

TOP Media, the home of Teen Top recently reported to have sued 4 netizens that spreading false rumor about chart manipulation.

The lawsuit had been filed on October 2nd against 4 netizens. 122 more words


TOP Media & TEEN TOP Telah Ajukan Gugatan Terhadap Netizen yang Menyebarkan Rumor 'Sajaegi'

Meski terlambat, telah terungkap bahwa TEEN TOP dan agensi mereka, Top Media mengajukan gugatan terhadap 4 netizens yang bertanggung jawab untuk menyebarkan desas-desus yang menyatakan bahwa Teen Top terlibat dalam sajaegi (metode yang digunakan untuk manipulasi grafik). 191 more words

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TOP Media & TEEN TOP Filed Suit for False Accusations... against Netizens! [Kpop News]

In a world of biases, fanboying, and kpop group hating… I hardly ever hear of lawsuits of this nature. This may not be the first time in the history of kpop, but it’s definitely a first for me. 286 more words