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See red, be cruel and feel a cold sweat.

There is no dirty pint as tricky as you.

Drink some more, dance with sin and I self-destruct.

We’re too drunk to save each other. 174 more words

Creative Writing

Little Envelopes

Sprinkled snow lace
Reddish brown coats
And tiny envelope hearts

Bring messages of springtime joy
Sealed between tiny paper cards
And cherry tinted treats

Witch's Ground.

I recently finished the second draft of my short story¬†“Witch’s Ground.”

It’s an almost 5,000 word story about a farmer girl becoming a witch and saving her village with magic and trickery. 312 more words


Learnt My Lesson

You desperately try to seek my attention
To catch my eye
To sneak a glance
I won’t allow it.
You know why?
You do know why. 190 more words



You are a drug, my drug, my creation
And now I’m addicted to you.
I’m admitting it, finally.
I’m not ashamed to say it.
It’s not a sign of weakness, it’s a sign of strength. 209 more words


False Hopes (It's All A Lie)

Miss you
I’m so tired of fighting you
I’m so tired of fighting myself
I just want to
Want to crawl back in your arms and feel alright… 229 more words



You merry minx.
You’re so inviting,
So seductive
Your raven locks
Windblown – falls softly across your fair face
Your sparkling black eyes
Bewitch any beholder… 69 more words