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Writing Prompt: What News Stories Are People Most Passionate About?

I find that a lot of people are most interested in the stories that involve something bad happening to someone or someone doing something bad. For example, every news update about Justin Bieber or Miley Cyrus now-a-days. 310 more words

If Everything Goes Right

Junior year:
A chem class you can’t fail
They keep asking if you’re older
The boys think you’re twenty
And you can’t imagine
What they think the other girls are… 87 more words

Moon Pools

Crystal clear lake waters
With ridged blanket blue
Lie peacefully beside
Forest Fondue

Prickling pine
Shoots out
Bow & arrow needles
As evergreen intertwines

Robin eggs… 18 more words

Gypsy Queen

Gypsy queen, gypsy queen
Thief of time & heavenly dreams
Bearer of a thousand knives
With golden gleam

Gypsy faery, gypsy faery
Eyes of ember… 55 more words


one quick panic attack
I stumble day by day,
tripped up by the hands of the clock.
Empty pill bottles hold
sleepless nights
of body heat and rum on ice. 37 more words

Creative Writing

I am just so consistent aren't I?

Back again lovelies with another rant for you.

As a writer I think I am required to feel everything. Even the things I don’t want to feel. 744 more words

Online Writing

Dead Waters.

This is the same thing again. I wake up in a sweat, trapped by my blankets. My pulse bulges in my neck and wrists, rushing with blood and worry. 1,769 more words

Creative Writing