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It Would be Weird if I Didn't Miss You Part 2

I just focus on your soft voice
Telling me how wrong I am
And forget the rest
So maybe I can finally sleep at night… 34 more words

It Would be Weird if I Didn't Miss You

I’ve started measuring my worth
In every boy
That’s ever come back

So after I left you
I just kept waiting
For that boy to text me… 61 more words

TCWT Blog Chain: The One Thing I Wish I Had Known


This is the special post I talked about yesterday :D The blog Teens Can Write, Too runs a blog chain every month, and I decided to sign up for this month’s. 1,200 more words

Chapter 2

He came back.She knew he would. She didn’t undertsand why everytime he leaves Yasmin thinks he leaves for good.But her,she was always sure he will come back because every time he leaves he promises to bring new books for her to read and of course because he loves Yasmin too much to leave her here. 1,868 more words

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Are You Here?

Your silence kills me more than the words you say
You hold my hand tightly but seem so far away
I asked you to be honest, didn’t I? 55 more words


literary obsession

Books are surreal. Simple sentences and simple observations can send you to different worlds, different demensions. I want to own such a powerful ability to write a book and make a person’s mind reel. 65 more words

Camp NaNo Day 17

I haven’t posted in 6 days and I restarted my novel for a second time a couple days ago. I’m not even quite sure what my word count is at this point. 285 more words