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What's the worst thing about being a teen?

Being a teenager in general sucks. You’re in that stage in life where you’re being forced to let go of your childhood and become an adult. 115 more words


Don't judge, k?

What makes it okay for you to pass judgement unto me? Who are you compared to me? We’re both human. We both feel, we both cry, we both love. 299 more words


Poetry Prompt 4- Phonecall

Electrifying tangles of intimacy

Work their way

Through the bubbling shores between us.

Sounds entwined in happy ignorance

Warmth glistening

Through snowflakes of doubt between us. 62 more words



my crinkled cocoon is translucently gray
paper-thin, it was slashed down the sides
my tender skin is pasty like clay
eyelids, cotton-lined and opened wide… 184 more words



I didn’t realize how much music I listen to. Over 60 bands at least. I also figured out I listen to pop/rock music.