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I'm 18 years old now.

You may not know this but my birthday was on Monday. It’s ok if you didn’t know, I actually forget sometimes myself. I’ll be sitting in my room reading a book and suddenly I’ll remember, “Oh yeah, I’m 18.” It’s kind of like how as you get older, holidays stop meaning as much to you. 400 more words


Simple Startups: Home bakery

My personal favorite( because it was my first truly successful start-up: i made well over $5,000 in a year as a teenager in high school)  is the home bakery. 165 more words


I've Been Single for 22 Years! Why and How I've Managed to Keep Boys at Bay: A Humorous Article

(Originally written for my Rhetoric 440 Class)

I’m not what you would call an expert on dating. I’m more of an expert on sh*t talking about someone who, unbeknown to me, is standing right behind me or at finding the Jimmy Johns closest to my current location. 867 more words


Can We Blend Traditional Teaching With Technology?

Ever since the invention of the printed word, academics have been arguing about the proper place of technology in teaching. On one side are those who I’ll call the traditionalists who insist on the primacy of face-to-face and barely tolerate online delivery. 47 more words


12 Posts of Christmas - Day 6

I don’t want to talk about how much this hurts, because it is a lot. I feel like there is a knife in my chest and someone is slowly, sadistically turning it. 124 more words


Are we really okay?

The hardest thing about being a teenager is being okay 100% of the time. You want to perceive yourself as this person incapable of being hurt; someone who has feelings but cannot delve into the deepest parts of reality. 542 more words


Dressy Outfit

Not sure what to where for a special occasion? I have the perfect outfit for you. First I took a fancy, black sweater dress. Then I wore a pearl headband, and some leapord leggings. 16 more words