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What I Wore in Mexico #5


Welcome to What I Wore in Mexico #5 ! I hope that you are all enjoying this series!! On this day we drove back to Mexico City, to take a flight to Tuxla Gutierrez (a city in the state of Chiapas). 57 more words


I Love Lions and Laptops and Rhyming

Yay! I got a new laptop! *Shouts and runs around the room excitedly flailing hands around. Aww and this is laptop’s first blog post! Aww the cute little thing. 253 more words


Young and Reckless

There was a girl with actions so innocent that it was almost inviting for people to walk all over her. She put up with it for so long keeping a smile and keeping those who didn’t take advantage of her closer than ever. 805 more words


Saving the World (Is Totally a Date)--Wordsplat [Steve Rogers/Tony Stark; Teen]

Tony discovers Stane’s betrayal while he’s still being held captive. When he escapes, he sets out to ruin Stane as completely and ruthlessly as he can, playing up his PTSD and quitting his job to destroy Stane quietly from the outside. 112 more words


Antigravity--sinestrated [James Kirk/Spock; Teen]

Five times Spock was surprised by the brilliance of Kirk’s mind, and one time he totally saw it coming.

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These Young Lions--enjambament [Sirius Black/Remus Lupin; Teen]

On Hallowe’en night, 1981, Sirius runs for his freedom and ends up as a dog on the doorstep of No. 11 Privet Drive. But that’s only the beginning. 23 more words

Sirius Black/Remus Lupin

Red Band Society

Not exactly a limerick but I diversify from time to time;)

The commercials on TV have been repeating to the point of annoying so when a new commercial comes on… I actually still don’t really care:( However, the trailer for the upcoming TV series Red Band Society from Fox, slated to be released on 17 Sept really caught my attention when I had none to give.  565 more words