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Christmas Fashion

This is what I am going for this christmas. High waisted black skinny jeans with tucked in striped shirt. I only drink on special occasions now, so I need a special glass ;). 45 more words


Totally Unimpressed

Life as a teenage girl (and I can bet it’s the same for guys) is filled with impressions, whether it be someone trying to impress you or you trying to impress someone else. 888 more words


Why I love YouTube.

I know millions and millions of people genuinely love YouTube and probably for the same reasons. But for me, YouTube is a place to be free. 140 more words


Hello I don't think we have formally met

Hello my name is Emily. This is about my third attempt at a blog and I’m really hoping it works out. I’m a high school student living in Canada. 153 more words



Hi guys! Im having a pretty good day! I took my two finals today and did pretty well on both I think, so Im officially done with my first semester of college. 259 more words


12 Posts of Christmas - Day 4

So I am pondering writing again. Like proper, novel writing.

My last attempt at a book barely made in past chapter 2 because I lost a lot of time and confidence and the belief that anyone wanted to read what I had to write. 343 more words



“Where the fuck is he,” I yell at the guy on the floor in front of me. Actually a demon.

His human name is Jace but his demon name that they call him in the under world is Aezahr. 655 more words