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The broken leg incident...

Coffee + lots of expletives…its the way forward.

I’m not actually sure whats up with me at the moment, this may well be one of the few occasions in my life time I get to use the delightful word that is…melancholy. 2,203 more words


Head's all jumbled up after my weekend in Amsterdam...

My heads so jumbled up right now with a whole bunch of delusional unimportant junk. I can’t seem to shift it! My head’s been on overdrive the past 48 hours, its now 2am & I’m still trying to organise my life when I have a train to catch in 7 hours & a lecture in the afternoon & clothes to unpack & calls to return aaahhhh! 898 more words


The before & after of you & I...

This is a quick post really, I’m currently on a quiet evening train journey & I’m doing my usual…mulling over my life’s major events & how each meander throughout this human experience has taken something away from my character & replaced it with (mostly) an improved version. 471 more words


Mick Hutson: From Oil Worker To Global Music Photographer

Sources: Daily Mail  – By Naomi Greenaway| All Things Michael

A former North Sea oil worker told who went from drilling wells to snapping some of music’s biggest stars including Michael Jackson, Ozzy Osbourne, Kanye West and Lily Allen, is now auctioning off his photographs to raise money for charity. 498 more words

Michael Jackson

The ultimate aim

I said on twitter yesterday it has been a very good week so far I have gone from 1 follower to 13 & the blog has had readers from USA UK New Zealand & France it really is nice to see that people read what I am writing and even more so, take the time to comment. 125 more words


Photographer Mick Hutson Brings His Favorite Celebrity Photos To The Biscuit Factory

Sources: The Journal – By Sam Wonfar| Edited By – All Things Michael

During a career which has spanned quarter of a century, music photographer Mick Hutson has had a host of legends looking down his lens. 372 more words

Michael Jackson

Strikes a Christmas chord...

We’re not even mid December and our ears have been treated to Christmas classics for weeks thanks to shopping centres and TV ads.  Now that radio stations are confidently busting out the festive tunes (and I’ve dug out my Christmas jumper) I think I’m ready to let the Christmas spirit commence. 263 more words

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