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Growing Pains

This whole past summer my parents drove me nuts.  Absolutely insane.  I had the lowest possible tolerance for them, and all summer I just said to myself, “I can’t wait until I move out at the end of the summer!”  And as I laid in bed unable to sleep each night the week prior to my departure, I realized that what I had been experiencing for the past three months is growing pains. 546 more words

Teenage Life


Hello there world,

I’m finally a high school student.
It’s not fun.
It’s grueling.
And demanding.
And tiring.

But I love it.
Every long, long, second of it. 202 more words


High School Muscal

Okay, so for anyone who even remotely knows me or anything about me, they’ll know that the only thing i’ve ever managed to be obsessed with for a significantly long time is High School Musical. 578 more words

Here I Am, Lord

Growing up Catholic, it was always hard for me to understand the religion of my Lutheran cousins.  I always knew that I loved them, but it was very difficult for my young, impressionable mind to wrap my brain around the hows and the whys of my Catholicism versus their Lutheranism.   981 more words

Teenage Life


The worst point of my life was when i got my heart broken into a million pieces 2 years ago.

I can’t say that i’ve completely gotten over her, still, i’ve learnt many valuable lessons from that relationship. 580 more words

Who Am I?

One of the reasons that I love blogging is because I can put my thoughts and feelings out there uncensored, without having to worry about any sort of judgment.   542 more words

Teenage Life

There is nothing sweeter than a dad's love for his child

i’ve been teaching swimming for about a month or so during the weekends. Every weekend my heart never fails to melt. I would say that my swimming lessons are kinda frivolous, come on it’s every human being’s survival instinct to try to stay afloat. 192 more words