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The Queen of Everything

The other day, my roommate’s boyfriend pointed out how “okay” I am with not having a boyfriend.  I don’t need one to make me happy or complete me or what have you.   806 more words

Teenage Life

i met sue

i met sue when i was in third grade
mom had been shouting at me because i didn’t do a school project
she kept pushing my head with her forefinger… 289 more words


She's just not into you

I must confess because on this blog, it is without limits. Thus, I must confess that I’m just not into Greek anymore. Come what may. … 203 more words

Teenage Life

As A Demonstrator

My first shift at the personal grooming store was supposed to be for training- I got the minimal but hey, all you had to do is to draw in customers and try and get them to get the product, or what my boss says to bullshit that I know everything about the product I’m demonstrating. 347 more words

Teenage Life

First day at work! Wish me luck!! :D

New post tonight.

Teenage Life

Not Your Average Teenagers

Willow and Jaden Smith are the children of film legend Will Smith. Not your average teenagers the pair have the opportunity, the funding for books and the secret wisdom of their parents that propel them to knowledge I have only dreamed a very little fail to think about. 549 more words

Affia Keys

Women, Mood Swings and Passive Aggression.

From my experience,  it’s seems that I’m ultimately straight. It seems I haven’t tried to be with a girl and honestly,  it’s one of the things on the bucket list; to date/be in a relationship with a female. 614 more words

Teenage Life