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Wednesday Writings: Highschool

I really want to write a piece on highschool, in specifically because I have found my experience to be less rosy than most you see in the media, and I know others have felt or are feeling the same. 234 more words


Being afraid of my own dreams

I know I wrote a similar post to this before, called “Afraid to grow up?”, but apparently I’m scared of a lot of things, so here we go.  423 more words

Teenage Life


I recently got in an argument with my parents. Lets just say got way out of hand. I’m 14 years old so getting into arguments happen a little more often since I’m a teenager. 319 more words

...and then I decided to drive.

Teenagers do stupid things.

We all know it.

And nobody wants to read a post shaming “those stupid teenagers for doing those stupid things.”

So I won’t shame those stupid teenagers for doing those stupid things. 376 more words

Teenage Life

Let's Get It Started

Hey guys,                                                                                                                              I understand that having a blog and being a loyal and consistent blogger can be a hard task. I once attempted to start my own blog but failed miserably. 106 more words


Dr. Richardson

I’m 16 & I have my mind set on becoming an English Teacher in a High School. I want to go back to Shea and teach an English class based on self expression and how people can be open with each other. 280 more words

Upward Bound

Current Situation

So I am currently marching through my teenage years. Trying to make the best out of my opportunities and to not live the cliché, completely clueless teenage life some of my friends are living. 117 more words

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