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3 Things We Shouldn't Have to Worry About as Teenagers

Being a teenager is hard as it is, but as expectations grow and rules become stricter, we’re gradually being made or ‘forced’ into following a path that may not be right for us. 538 more words


18 and Crushing

I turned 18 last Saturday, which for you Americans is the British equivalent of 21.

The night itself was an eventful one with snogging a 40-year-old French guy who might or might not be actually from Swansea, throwing abuse at BlackLace who was at the same bar and a friend being taken to hospital for having trouble with his heart after 3/4 of a vodka bottle. 317 more words


Those Times...

It’s these crazy times in life , when you feel like everything and everyone hates you , is when you find beauty in the most tiniest, unimaginable things. 106 more words

What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger

I’ve already mentioned in a few of my other blog posts that I had the privilege of playing Fantine in my school’s musical this past winter.   373 more words

Teenage Life

Brain Things

Hello Hello,

I have a lot of apologizing to do. I missed all of last week and I am sorry. To make up for it I will do a quick recap and brain summary for you all to enjoy. 701 more words

Do you know how your car engine works?

That was the question from my 15-year-old son, Chris.

Am I suppose to know? I thought, somewhat guilty that I had no idea how my car engine worked. 618 more words


Mornings are the WORST for some people

(You should play the flute solo, ‘Morning Glory,’ with this post :P)

Who loves to start the day off with a nasty comment that you’re the most stupid mutt in the world?! 448 more words

Teenage Life