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Hello Hello,

I have a lot of apologizing to do. I missed all of last week and I am sorry. To make up for it I will do a quick recap and brain summary for you all to enjoy. 701 more words

Do you know how your car engine works?

That was the question from my 15-year-old son, Chris.

Am I suppose to know? I thought, somewhat guilty that I had no idea how my car engine worked. 618 more words


Mornings are the WORST for some people

(You should play the flute solo, ‘Morning Glory,’ with this post :P)

Who loves to start the day off with a nasty comment that you’re the most stupid mutt in the world?! 448 more words

Teenage Life

Celibacy: It is a choice

When i was 14, i made a very big decision. Of course at that time i didn’t know how big it was, i was merely going with the flow; with whatever the people around me told me to do. 730 more words

This Guy

From my other post, I mentioned a guy that I’ve already met since living with my dad and his family. My step – second – cousin, Sora invited me out to the city to watch the Guardians of the Galaxy along with his friends after going to the university open days. 522 more words

Teenage Life

Blood Will Run Tonight

didn’t think that I’d be back on this site because honestly, it was essentially my rant blog. But hey, how are you? It’s been awhile. :) 565 more words

Teenage Life

Life as a teenager is not that bad nor that great either but YOU have the will to change that.

Everyone in some point of their life will have overwhelming experiences – where you would want to… 123 more words