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The Why?

I thought i would try and explain why i hide in the shadows, what has made it so that i don’t come into the light. This is a long story but i shall try and keep it brief you don’t need to know everything now do you. 1,007 more words


Eating with Chopsticks ... STRIKE TWO!

By all means, I don’t have anything about parenthood; I might want to be one myself. I do acknowledge that you really don’t know the struggle until you’re one – what I’m arguing is just have plain rationality. 338 more words

Teenage Life


November yang akan segera berakhir. Desember yang telah menunggu. Gak terasa tahun 2014 sudah di ujung kalender. Sisa sebulan untuk mempersiapkan segala target 2014 yang belum tercapai. 636 more words


Promise rings, wedding planning, baby names

Maybe not average for the regular 15 year old but I spent my high school days planning our wedding and naming our babies! I wore a simple heart golden promise ring from the time I was 15 years old until I received a beautiful heart shaped engagement ring at 20 years old. 29 more words

Teenage Life

The Life After Her

I know nobody really reads or follows my blog and if there is anyone that does then I appreciate it. To be honest I don’t care if nobody does I use this blog to get things off my chest, like a diary really. 641 more words

Hardest thing I've ever done

Since I last wrote something here, a lot of things have happened to me, some are good things, some are not, but I guess that is life, right? 428 more words

Teenage Life


Ask a random kid today if she wants to be popular and she’ll tell you no, even if she was in a desert dying of thirst and had the choice between a glass of water and instant popularity, she’d probably choose the latter. 158 more words