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How to Drive a Car

As I moved onto my college campus for the first time, I was under siege of a mix of emotions and a million Camp Freshman (I mean, Orientation) activities.   289 more words

Teenage Life

The Hidden Truth

My mom and I went grocery shopping together- she for the food for the family and me for food for college, and as we went down the aisle home to various vitamins and minerals, she said to me, “Here, you might want to try this.   506 more words

Teenage Life

Here are my thoughts… it is best that kids learn punishment-reward system. If you give them things then ask them to do something in return, they will perceive it as punishment for asking favors. 394 more words

You think choosing a University is easy?

Ok, so in the past few days I found myself being “chained down” in front of the computer searching information about Universities. And I gotta say this: if you thought even for a minute that choosing a University is easy, you were lying to yourself, because it’s not. 286 more words

Teenage Life

-sleeping at last-

i should really be more focused when i’m out studying :-(
on a side note, BACK HERE AT BUX AFTER A WHILE!!

its the weekends and i am so grateful that the week has passed so smoothly(well the past few weeks were rly crappy) just really glad to be able to enter the weekend again!!! 56 more words


Find Your Tribe

I said good-bye to all of my school friends, my three best friends, my aunts, my uncles, my cousins, and my grandparents, all without shedding a tear.   402 more words

Teenage Life


No, just kidding. Just donate money… 

P.S. this girl is over cynical of those bragging about charity work… e.g. people doing the ice bucket challenge. She’s also been mia so wait for it. 

Teenage Life