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Preparing for School

 Preparing for Battle


LOL. This may prolly my lamest entry ever but hey, whatever this is mine anyways.

Anyhows! Anybody who is a teenager here? Or in high school? 464 more words

2013 Rants

The Subject

I am so frustrated. Like, since 7 AM! Like, reaaally frustrated and at the same time, pissed. Tsk

I’m a Filipino, and our national language is Filipino, or much more commonly known as Tagalog. 468 more words

2013 Rants


Once upon a time, there’s this girl that is never much of a main character. Nothing about her is extraordinary. She’s just simply simple.

She has these eyes that were just eyes. 379 more words


How to Deal with Failures

Can you still remember the last time that you were rejected? And the first time you shed your tears because you felt that nothing went right? 269 more words



Okay. Tonight is such a weird night.


GAwd. Tonight, I was in my MOST abnormal self. Normally, I dont go talking to strangers, let alone… 596 more words

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I Can Feel the Pressure

Feeling guilty every time I go to sleep…thinking about how my dad’s wasting a lot of money and effort on me which isn’t even worth it bec of me not trying really hard in my studies. 416 more words

2013 Rants

Crying Over A Story

OKAY. Seriously, I think I need to get a better life other than reading stories in Wattpad  all day.

So tonight, my favorite author in Wattpad updated one of her stories and  109 more words

2013 Rants