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It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? 1/26/15

During Christmas break, we traveled to my grandparents’ house. As usual, my brother and I both had at least one book at hand the whole trip. 550 more words

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My Brush With a Teenage Drug Dealer

I typically like to have an ultimate point before I write about an event or an issue.  At the very least a destination, even when I’m not sure which route I’m going to take to get there.   1,759 more words


"By the Abandoned Tracks"--A Short Story for You

Took this picture across from my work building, and this short story formulated in my head. So I wrote it because sometimes we need a little piece of romantic fluff to get through the day. 763 more words


Life Goes On

I don’t think it’s just my daughter mourning her first break up.  I think we’re all kind of bummed about it, because we let Boy into our home, our lives, our world.   341 more words


Life Lessons (Revised)

Yesterday I wrote a long post on my daughter’s first break up (which, by the way, is much harder for a mom to deal with than a daughter having her first boyfriend).   320 more words


What Katy Did, Next, and At School

This is another repost from the vaults of Why I Really Like This Book, a round-up of three books I reread addictively all through my childhood and early twenties. 2,468 more words