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3 Times an Hour

It normally takes me 15 minutes to take a shower. It’s a routine and you get use to it. I get in, clean, get out. That’s it. 123 more words


Suicide and Self-Defense

According to National Alliance of Mental Illness, suicide is the eighth leading cause of death in USA, and it’s the third cause of death of people ages 15 to 24 years old, thus making this a critical issue. 718 more words

Shitty. shit day

I had hoped today would have gone smoothly. Kids would all get to school & the new term would begin. By the time I got downstairs this morning all but 1 of my kids were dressed & ready to go. 596 more words


Happiness and Productivity: Why schools are failing. Results day rant.

‘All your life you spend your time worrying about results,numbers. I do it because i dont know any different. I think pressures that are put on people the same age begin to make us question ourselves.’ 547 more words

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