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School is Back

School is back.
I had forgotten how loud it was,
crawling with trolls and witches of the like.

I had forgotten the uneasy feeling of confinement, 191 more words

Exam time creeping in.

Funny how the focus suddenly changes, talking to your mates about hair extensions goes to the back burner and this amazing power of focus appears! The LRC is packed with students with their noses buried in books as reality has slapped them over the Easter break and they realise that some work is required to pass an A-Level. 115 more words



I finally realized that what I wanted has been in front of me all of this time. But when I finally realized this, I also saw that it was too late. 215 more words

Getting rid of Miss Pessimist?

Hello again Miss Pessimist. Can you see you’re not welcome here? You’re not on the guest list. You’re not even added on if you arrive late. 264 more words



“Hey Ashley!” Ugh. My cover has been ruined. A blonde girl with dull, green eyes approaches me. How could she have seen me? I snuck into this party like a Navy SEAL. 1,495 more words


You're Too Pretty To Be A Whore, Honey.

Ever since I was young, I’ve never played well with others.

And I mean ever.

Oh, I had never been bullied or anything. Not until Junior High that is. 1,501 more words


I’m angry at him.
I’m angry that he’s leaving, moving all the way across the world. I’m angry that I’ve barely known him for a year. 26 more words