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A Self Loathing Teen Does The Thing Self Loathing Teens Do.



She’s like, she’s like Christmas day.

When she’s there, it’s great.

But she’s gone in a flash like Santa’s sleigh

And unlike Christmas, she can be late. 137 more words


The Perks of Being a "Young Adult"

I don’t mean to be boring.
I don’t mean to rant about my indecisive tendencies.
Or about my “what if” back-to-back realities.

But how are you sure that the choices you have made are the right ones? 323 more words


I spy..

I like looking around my room at night for inspiration for my next blog. FreshmanFeat isn’t only about my school life which is only a part of this blog. 284 more words

Ma Boy




Jeon Jungkook – Kang Jiyoon




Jiyoon memaksakan matanya untuk terbuka. Ini sudah pukul 06:30 dan ia masih saja belum bersiap – siap untuk berangkat ke sekolah. 269 more words


Wednesday Writings: Highschool

I really want to write a piece on highschool, in specifically because I have found my experience to be less rosy than most you see in the media, and I know others have felt or are feeling the same. 234 more words


Chasing Someone Else's Happiness

You know that quintessential high school experience that all those movies portray? Going to parties and driving around at night with your friends feeling young, wild, and free. 528 more words


guilty pleasure, whoop whoop.

don’t hate me when i say this, but i am completely addicted to the show pretty little liars.

it’s my guilt pleasure.

every tuesday, guaranteed, i am sitting on the couch, popcorn in hand, anxiously awaiting the new episode. 110 more words