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This morning before I got to school, my mom and I got in a dumb argument and me being the sensitive person I am, I started crying. 161 more words

Are You Nervous?

Today a friend of mine asked if I felt nervous about graduating high school.
My answer to her was, “No. Actually, I’m ready to get out of here.” 436 more words

Second date. Am I really breaking all the rules?

Hello my 7 followers that I have now obtained! *Another happy dance* It is I, Lena, with another installment of “holy mother of god this is my confusing life.” Lovely. 423 more words


the adventure of being teenager

okay so i know everyone always says “we all have to go through being a teenager”, but i don’t think its the same as it used to be ya know? 273 more words



I hope everyone had a fantastic Easter weekend!  I just wanted to touch base and let you all know that I miss you.  I am have been spending most of my spare time preparing for the Toastmasters International Speech competition, so my blogging has been put on hold. 124 more words

Nvr 2 Cool 4 Poetry

I feel like poets are often associated with tall glasses of wine, fake french accents, or struggling visual artists… personally I feel like poetry goes hand-in-hand with my writing. 256 more words

Grandpa, Tell Me about the Good Ol' Days

Jeans and T-shirts were the in thing to wear.  I walked back and fourth to town which was 1.5 miles, give or take a few.  We took the “beater” truck for drives out in the backwoods.   640 more words