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"The Impossible Knife of Memory": finding a voice

When high school students want to talk about literature outside of the classroom, that is an exciting moment! This year, along with two other teachers, I am helping to run the school’s Book Club. 522 more words



Names, taunts and jeers in the canteen,

Words sharp as knives, cut my self esteem.

“Ugly, lanky cow, thinks she’s really it”

Laughter slicing as they prescribe sharp, unfunny wit. 48 more words


The Fault In Our Stars Made Me Cry

Have you ever tried crying surreptitiously on an airplane?  It’s a very strange experience, perhaps doubly so as a man when so much of our society puts a premium on men “being strong” (crying in public is a definite no-no).   882 more words


There Are No "Blurred Lines" When it Comes to Consent

Dear Readers,

I am writing to you about a darker topic than the usual featured on this blog. But, I feel it is necessary because I know a lot of young girls are dealing with this every week. 541 more words

Important concept for teenagers: subtlety in scent

This is really a message specifically meant for teenagers, so if you happen to have any near you: make sure to spread the word to them (preferably via a share button – being experts at this, the members of the targeted demographic will gladly explain to you how this works; you will have to put up with some rolling of the eyes or a mocking glance, though). 152 more words

This Is How I See It

The Unlocking of a New Day

Tears streaming down my face,
Desperate attempts to muffle the sobs
Looking a terrible sight, gone is all my grace
Eyes semiopen, trying to stop my head from punishing itself with such painful throbs… 63 more words


Boyfriend vs Boy-friend

I apologise, in advance, for this insanely long post but I had to purge myself of the things I had to say about this! Please, please, please do not hesitate to leave a comment about this topic; everyone has different opinions about it and I would love to hear them! 930 more words