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A La Mondain In Confidence

I apologize to any audience I might have for taking so long to bring an update forward. I’ll admit that I’ve been feeling rather uninspired towards journalistic inquiries lately. 781 more words

Mondain Colombia

Advice for Muslim teenagers

Question 21: What is your advice to young people who go astray during adolescence?

Answer: Young people should be mindful of Allaah (Glorified and Exalted be He) in all their matters and live according to the pillars of Islam. 19 more words

5. Jumaad Al-Awwal Fatwas (فتاوى جمادى الأولى)

I don’t understand anything anymore. I just don’t. 

The Struggle is Real

“Oh my God, are you filing your nails?”

The stylish guy behind the counter at BC Surf & Sport looked up from his casual slouch. “First I bit them, now I’m smoothing them down.” 945 more words

Personal Essay

Honey you set me on fire, you set me on fire and watched me burn. I fell to the ground with my ashes sprinkled all over my tired body, I was tired and emotionally destroyed. 53 more words

The Fault in Our Stars

I ended up reading this book because of my sophomores.  Several had read it and were currently writing a paper on it, so I figured it was worth a go if it got such wide-eyed enthusiasm as I was seeing.  1,169 more words


ACTs + My Brain = Fried

For many, this weekend is an exciting one because they are religious. I personally have no religious affiliation and therefore call it “four day weekend” not “easter weekend + two days off” (because my school is awesome, not only did we have spring break two weeks ago, but now we have “easter break”). 246 more words

The Callahanicus Life