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I Prepare a Send Off

There’s a reason we’re told to look forward, and not to look back, when we encourage someone. Looking back can cause us to linger on the old, spending precious energy on what could have been, instead of spending our energy on the here and now. 1,203 more words



Through out my entire life I have never had a friend that stuck around through everything up until now and she know whose she is! I have had so many “Best friends” I couldn’t even count them on my fingers. 538 more words



I’ve never sat down and written a poem all at one time, so this is rough. I wrote this because I have someone in my life who deserves it. 278 more words

Warning: Reno Romance!

This is a story of romance, shock, and relief! 

I’ve had this friend since childhood, our moms were roommates in college, so we were naturally friends growing up. 814 more words


Every night I stay up past 12, past 1 etc. Not because I’m not tired. Not because I want to stay up on social media all night. 63 more words

Congruent Communication with Haim Ginott

I’m currently writing my classroom management philosophy for a university assignment, and discovered this gem. Don’t believe people when they say developmental psychologists aren’t funny – it might only happy once in your life so better be prepared! 45 more words