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The Law Is An Ass

The Daily Mail reports that the UK government is looking at blocking access to UK-based porn sites unless the potential viewer can prove they ar 18-years-old or older by inputting data from a credit card, … 278 more words


Tony followed me outside,  “Are you OK?”

“I’m fine” I lied, and finding a convenient planter sat at the edge of it while I hugged myself “I . 507 more words

Creative Writing

Goodnight 🌛

Moons are cool k.(especially happy ones) 🌛


Something old, something new

Buddy and I text back and forth occasionally while she’s away at school.  Not too terribly much, mostly I just check in every so often and make sure she’s still alive and breathing and all’s generally well.   546 more words


Untitled - 2012

Written a while ago, it came to mind again after hearing this beautiful cover of La Vie En Rose, which coincidentally serves as beautiful accompaniment. 540 more words


True Love.

True Love:–

—is not selfish, it does not seek to get, to possess, to control or to gain favors.

—is not smothering love.

—is not indulging love. 213 more words



I get why parents get so frustrated with their teenage children now. I am a teenager myself, but in all my years I did not realize something I should not have overlooked… Parents can act (and think) like teenagers too. 269 more words