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Day 26 - Not Exactly a Happy Ending ...

Not Exactly a Great Ending …

I have a teenage daughter. Since arriving home from work, she has been complaining, rude, inconsiderate, verbally abusive, argumentative, selfish, manipulative, unreasonable, insulting, and downright mean. 74 more words

Personal Growth

Gratitude - Day 15

3 things I’m grateful for today:

-  A very productive college visit with the kid. We both really liked it, it’d be a good fit on many levels. 62 more words


Another One of My Kids...

These last few days I’ve been thinking hard about our youth today.

I wrote yesterday on one of my students and how he’s being charged with MURDER. 458 more words

Reality bites

The West Weekend Magazine

Published September 6, 2014

Byline: Ros Thomas

“I’m trying to get the kids excited about the power of words,” her email said… 820 more words


Okay… If your not an only child, then prepare to “YASSS” through this whole thing. I, for one, am one of five, and the only girl. 226 more words


Internet Safety for Kids and Teens


Learn more about Internet safety with the BadGuy Patrol.

Learn about computer security and cyberbulling with Hector.

Play and learn with SafetyLand.


the mother of the teen

Last night I went to bed as regular old me and this morning I woke up the mother of a teenage son.
It’s hard to believe that the little baby who cried his way into the world 13 years ago, the baby whose every move I fascinated over, chronicled, and photographed is now old enough to, well, pout alone in his room and know absolutely everything there is to know. 223 more words

The Life