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The Teen Who Took A Smiling Concentration Camp Selfie Regrets Nothing

You gotta give Breanna Mitchell, the Alabama teen who take a smiling selfie in front of Auschwitz, causing an Internet flame war not seen since the last time a teen did something really stupid, credit for one thing: she has strong convictions…NOT UNLIKE HITLER. 129 more words

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{Book Review} Am I just regretting not going away for school and subconsciously picking books that feature it?

When I started reading the next book in my NetGalley queue (a list of books that doesn’t seem to be going down, no matter how many I read!), I had to laugh at how it had the same idea as the book I read last week, … 850 more words

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Why Wednesday Post

Why look back at the bad in your life, when there’s a brand new day ahead of you?

GDL Institute and Informed Families Work to Help Teens Make Safe Choices

Safe driving begins with smart parenting. Parents play a critical role in teaching teens to make safe life choices. By setting good examples, talking with (and listening to!) teens, and even by choosing the best possible driver training program, parents can help to set their kids on the right path. 233 more words


Social Experiment

Day 40 of the social experiment “living with 4 teenage boys”. I find it necessary to share that the situation is dire. Food stores are leaving the house faster than my own ability to replenish them despite having two drivers routinely entering and exiting the resupply cache. 287 more words


The 9th Secret 2 Living Happy: Practice Forgiveness (& the One BIG Reason U Need 2 Forgive & Forget)

Everyone says forgiveness is a lovely idea until they have something to forgive. – C.S. Lewis

What a great quote right? In theory, forgiveness sounds like it should be pretty easy to do and the reasons why we should do it are also pretty obvious. 386 more words

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Building Story: A Tutorial

Jaga N.A. Argentum Community Expressions Storytelling & Design Fellow

As a storyteller I love to share my craft, with anyone but especially young people. 205 more words

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