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Professor Spartacus Meowington-Whiskers.

Another stray kitten has found his way to my door. A real teacup kitty as, despite being around six weeks old, he’s a teeny scrap of mewing, blinking fluffiness. 32 more words


Kitten Wars 8/17/14

Sometimes this human is just a slow learner, evidently. Under the mistaken notion that if I left a costuming project on the table that the cats would leave it alone, I did just that. 264 more words


Baby's Breath

What I don’t know about photography could fill volumes.  My trying to take a picture of the teeny-tiny flowers of baby’s breath is a prime example.  81 more words

I'm No Longer A Teenager But Still Kind Of A Teenybopper

Between my heart-shaped sunglasses, bubblegum pink lipstick, and recent affliction to an Australian boy band; it’s difficult to decipher if I turned 20 or 12 today. 520 more words