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The time I slept in a Teepee.

I’ve never liked hotels. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve stayed in many. But too often I find them stale, uninviting and worst of all, boring. When I travel, I like to experience things differently than everyone else. 911 more words




…și trăgând din împrumutul de pipă
l-am rugat
să ne vorbească de teepee,
iar el,
zâmbind peste umărul meu,
cuvântă sie însuși amar:

”Niciodată să nu te încrezi… 172 more words

Using SumProduct using Address to get ranges

I am working on a sheet where the sumproduct equation is used. This formula is failing:

=SUMPRODUCT($D2:$K2, INDIRECT( ADDRESS(MATCH($B2,P_OIL,0) + ROW(P_OIL) -1, 4 ) &":"& ADDRESS(   MATCH( $B2, P_OIL, 0) + ROW(P_OIL) - 1, 11)))
… 97 more words

Outfitpost : Sam is the head of the tribe.

How cute does my boy look in his Indian look? He looks like the head if the tribe, doesn’t he?
I love to shop on Etsy. 23 more words