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Some surprising reasons Chicago patients schedule Teeth Whitening

You may take your smile for granted, but it reveals a lot about you. That realization could be why an increasing number of Chicago area smiles are looking bright and beautiful through the magic of professional teeth whitening. 345 more words

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Teeth Whitening – A Short Primer

Teeth Whitening Deptford NJ, as one survey had revealed, is the world’s most popular cosmetic enhancement today. This does not sound so surprising since the demographics showed that men and women as well as young people and the old comprise the main clientele of the procedure. 467 more words

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101 in 1001: April 2014 Update

I am so glad I set a goal this month to go through my 101 in 1001 list. It made me realize just how little progress I have made! 364 more words

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Trying New Things: Week 1.

This post is backdated to April 6, 2014.

Oil Pulling.

Ok, this one is pretty tame, but I’m easing in. Oil pulling. After reading a Buzzfeed article on ‘ 145 more words


Get A Beautiful Smile With These Tips

You definitely want to be beautiful and feel your best! This article was written to help you some ways to whiten your teeth. Enjoy your new smile! 35 more words

Cosmetic procedure safety tips.

At treetops dental Surgery in codsall we offer a number of cosmetic procedures, all safely administered by qualified doctors.  We encourage research into teeth whitening and other cosmetic procedures before going ahead. 24 more words

Is Your Smile as Bright as it Could Be?

A large amount of your self-image and confidence originates in your smile. About 88 percent of Canadians feel that oral health is a key part of their overall health, and society places a great value on the smile as a way to convey confidence and health. 201 more words