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they say calcium is good

they say calcium is good for your teeth, but i’ve found that minding your own business is even better. friday quote


Dental Hygiene for Dogs and Cats


First the good news:


Cats & Dogs seldom develop tooth cavities, as do humans. However, the dog and cat are not without a major dental problem!  492 more words


5 Toothbrush Beauty Tricks

Everyone has toothbrushes from the dentist’s office that they never use. Maybe you keep a stash of free toothbrushes for guests, emergency toothbrush needs or maybe you just throw them away. 205 more words

Life & Style


Okay,I must say I HATE modelling mouth bags.I HATE everything about any ‘cavities’ on characters.But I’m trying to make it work,spent a couple of hours weight-painting its mouth (teeth are the worst) just to see if the whole thing is ready for rigging (I’m not rigging it,so I need to make sure our rigging person wouldn’t run into any problems with my model). 107 more words

Some surprising reasons Chicago patients schedule Teeth Whitening

You may take your smile for granted, but it reveals a lot about you. That realization could be why an increasing number of Chicago area smiles are looking bright and beautiful through the magic of professional teeth whitening. 345 more words

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Extracting wisdom

Wisdom teeth are useless! You don’t gain any further wisdom from them. They hurt when they come and and they hurt even worse when they come pit. 479 more words

I'd Rather Be Toothless.

I have put this craziness off long enough. I chipped my tooth over a year ago eating steak. I never did anything about it. Technically, I didn’t start to feel pain until a few months ago. 110 more words