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Your Dental Emergency Plan

Summer means vacations, long days spent with friends, baseball games, swimming pools and in general, a lot of fun. But often time fun comes with some hazards and, no matter how prepared or careful or safe we are, accidents happen. 738 more words


Why Consider Dental Implants Over Denture

Do you have full dentures? Do you hate it? Have you not been to a restaurant for years because your self-conscious about your denture’s stability to chew? 673 more words


Crowd of Teeth

Andrew Lipstein, editor of the literary journal Thick Jam, was kind enough to publish my story, “Crowd of Teeth,” today. It’s always an honor to have the opportunity to appear in a journal that is respected by the writing community. 61 more words

Teething baby

At 18 weeks, we found two teeth. Two sharp teeth. And let’s just say she’s not afraid to use them.

We knew she had teeth on the way, but everyone kept saying she was too young. 260 more words


Flossing a four-year-old's teeth

Elizabeth went to see the dental nurse recently who told us she needed a filling. I decided to take her to the dentist to have the work done because of a bad experience with my own teeth and the dental nurse when I was a child. 322 more words


Fishy Fact No.11

The reef lizardfish has a blotchy brown and red colouration.

With its blotchy camouflage and rows of sharp teeth the reef lizardfish is able to swallow large fish as well as effectively hiding from predators.