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My kingdom for a teh tarik.

If you’re a regular traveller through South East Asia, and Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand in particular, you might have chanced upon one of the most delicious and addictive drinks around: Teh Tarik. 497 more words

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Breakfast of Champions: Roti Canai and Teh Tarik

Once again, I’m a 6 hour flight away from this party in my mouth.  Do you know what would happen if little asian people started selling dirt-cheap delicious food on the side of the street in Australia?  I would get extremely fat.


Taiwan - Kaohsiung; Kai-Xuan Night Market. (4)

4th part of my trip to Kaohsiung; Kai-Xuan night market. Still hungry for more food? If yes, then follow me….

This was the one of the stall that surprised me. 206 more words


Nikmatnya teh tarik

Ga pake mahal teh tarik ini ga kalah sama yg di resto. Cukup 5000 aja. Tehnya tetep berasa ga tenggelam sama rasa susunya. Biasanya susu ngilangin rasa aroma tehnya. 22 more words

Laksa King

Do you ever feel guilty revisiting your favourite restaurants? I do! I always think that I should try and find a new place to eat but I haven’t been to Laksa King in so long! 415 more words


Lunch at Malaya Corner

Saturday, March 08, 2014

With exams completed yesterday and Yoni in town, we decided to go out for lunch! Michael and I have passed by… 382 more words

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