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Arvind Kejriwal - a Victim of the Fire-Combusted Horse Year 2014.

Above, perhaps the hat was the best part of the whole idea.

Given the increasing tendency to both violence and fiery speech beyond the call in India in recent decades, it would be hard to choose a worse year than 2014, the Year of the Horse, in which to have a national election there. 262 more words


Logo Update 1.2.

This is the representation of myself as a Brand. It is inspired from Flat Design trend.

Fast and Furious

Over the past few weeks with all the snow and school cancellations on the east coast, it offered me a lot of free time. So I watched the entire Fast and Furious movie series, along with some other good movies. 305 more words

Alap vaníliás főttkrém - 'Creme patissiere'

Amikor még kicsi voltam, nagyon szerettem a krémes sütiket, azóta sem változott. Gondolom mindenkinek ismerős, mikor anya csinálja a sütit és elkérjük a tálat hogy hagy ‘nyaljuk ki’ a maradékot, legyen az akár nyers tészta vagy krém. 185 more words