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Craft work, and Tiny Epic Kingdoms

I get my crafting hat on at the community centre, and Tiny Epic Kingdoms gives you a not-so-tiny and enjoyable experience.

Morpheus Lander Flies Again


A new way to land on other planetary bodies. A great idea, a unit that is Eco friendly and lands softly on solid matter. Good job NASA.


NSA Infiltrated RSA Security More Deeply Than Thought


If you use an RSA key, check this out. This is what happens when you get 10 million dollars and a FISA order to keep quiet.



Hep kendime sunu soruyorum: bir insana sunabilecegin sabir siniri nedir?

Nereye kadar onun yaptiklarini/ yapmadiklarini gormezden gelebilirsin? Gecmiste yasadiklariniz nereye kadar onundeki acik ve bariz goruneni gormezden gelmeni mumkun kilar? 258 more words

Tek Gözlü Canavar Oyunu Oyna

Tek Gözlü Canavar Oyunu Oyna

Tek Gözlü Canavar Oyunu Harika! Sende oynamak için tıkla ;
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The Randomness - Mobb Deep, Smif N Wessun & Spliff Star

The rappers say why Molly is one drug they wouldn’t recommend; other jobs that interest them, such as a brain surgeon and architect. Also, find out who watches Desperate Housewives and Sex and the City… “those bitches are crazy yo.” 19 more words