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Amazing Use Of UAV In Different Field


Unmanned aerial vehicle is an aircraft that is controlled through a remote or any other system without any pilot in it. There are different models and uses of these devices for various purposes. 218 more words


Active Mobile User: Is Postpaid a Right Choice, Always?

In this day and age where technology and modern communication is the everyday need, it is impossible to go without a phone – be it the basic phone or a smart phone! 396 more words


Broadband Transformation-From Fixed line to Mobile Broadband

Are you also struggling to make a choice for the broadband connection? Are you also confused between fixed line and the mobile internet? There is no denying to the fact that both the connections have their potential pros and cons but depending on your requirements and usage, it becomes easy to choose between the two. 379 more words


Cost-Effective Way of messaging with SMS Packs

SMS- Short Messaging Service has proven its use as a cheap messaging solution. Up to 160 characters of length that can be sent to cell phones, it is the most cost effective alternative to outgoing calls. 396 more words


Security continues to be an important aspect of BlackBerry’s branding strategy. Will this really help grow the company?

“BlackBerry has acquired Dusseldorf-based Secusmart GmbH, which is touted as being a leader in high-security voice and data encryption and anti-eavesdropping solutions for government organizations.” Source: … 145 more words


Prepaid V/S Post Paid Mobile Plans - Which One Is Better?

India, where a huge number of population is economically tight and unstable income especially the students, is largely dominated by postpaid mobile plan users. According to a recent survey in 2010, it was revealed that 97 per cent of the Indian youth were using pre-paid mobile connections despite of increasing number of smart phone and Tablets in the market. 454 more words