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AT&T Expands 4G LTE In Several Michigan Areas

DETROIT — AT&T Inc. said it expanding its 4G LTE wireless high-speed service in several areas across Michigan.

The expansions and improvements are taking its place in the… 476 more words


HBO can now be accessed via the Xbox One

Woody Allen once said, “I took a test in Existentialism. I left all the answers blank and got 100.”

This Saturday marks 365 days of Xbox One retail availability. 319 more words

Top 4 Telecom Companies Contributed $8M to Campaigns

Gizmodo: “Democrats and Republicans alike received over $8 million from the four major telecom companies and their trade group in the 2014 election alone. For some context, the top five pharmaceutical groups spent only half as much in the same cycle.” 107 more words

Internet Governance, Internet Freedom, and Accountability: Will Congress Step In?

In March 2014, the U.S. Government’s National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA, the Executive Branch’s telecommunications policy agency) abruptly announced that it did not plan to renew its contract with the… 380 more words


Ways to Increase your Internet Speed

With Internet access becoming more important every day, it’s never been more crucial that you have a high-speed, accessible networking solution to grant you instant access to the Internet. 327 more words