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Telemarketer of the day

I can’t escape the telemarketers. Some call center guy who sounded from India just called.

I was talking over him at the same time he was talking, because this is what I do to annoy them now. 18 more words


Sorry (not sorry) I missed your call.

I know everyone hates telemarketers, and those calls we all have to make where our call is answered by a machine and we push the buttons enough so that we’re put on hold until a real person can talk to us. 180 more words


#467 - Write a Script...

…to give telemarketers to solicit donations for starving children in Africa.

Hello sir/madam,

Everyday, you eat at least twice a day.  Sometimes three or four or even five times a day. 

295 more words

The Back story

The other day, things were just a bit tough in my 3 year olds’ world. From the pyjamas selected for him, to the lego pieces not going together correctly, to the choice of dinner. 434 more words


Telemarketer of the day

Even though we have caller ID at the office, I still have to answer the telemarketing calls.

I answered and could hear loud call center noises, and this Indian guys says: Ello? 28 more words


Pay phone perv

A fucking perv just called my office from a pay phone in Kentucky. WTF?

Me: (name of company)
Perv: Yes ma’am. I was calling to get some information. 20 more words


Phone call of the day

This woman sounded legitimately pissed and disgusted with me for transferring her to another company. Then she kind of just shut up at the end. 126 more words