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Hilarious phone call

I just got a hilarious phone call from a cranky old lady who sounded like she might be half crazy. She was yelling at me the whole time… 163 more words



I have no idea what I did, or who I pissed off, or what spider God I might have stepped on but those damn health insurance telemarketers won’t stop calling. 39 more words


That thing I do when the same telemarkers call over and over and over

This is kind of like a “Groundhog Day” or “Edge of Tomorrow” story. I had been getting automatic calls on my cell phone every day from “Credit Card Services” without mercy. 355 more words


Weird phone calls

We get weird phone calls in the office almost daily. I’m going to start posting them here.

First thing this morning:

A mumbly black lady who I could barely hear and kept telling her to speak up. 65 more words


Freeman Movement - Credible or a Waste of Time?

Six years ago, I took part in what is known as the Freeman Movement, where I attempted to use Common Law to address Statutory Law. I was just a beginner at what I was doing, and my experience of attempting to challenge the system taught me alot.

New World Order

Do you think I'm that gullible?

You knows those calls that come when you least expect it, or maybe you have come to expect it, the phone calls of telemarketers and scammers.   209 more words

Caller ID as a front line defense to unwanted marketers

I cannot recall the last time I answered a call on the home phone, and it was not a telemarketer.  Anyone worth hearing from has my cell number.  282 more words