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"This is Homeland Security"

Hi there, y’all—my apologies for the recent hiatus, but we had a death in the family, and it has been a grueling time for all of us. 358 more words



I hope you’ve got a big block of cheese, ‘cause I’ve got a huge jug of whine.

I’m finally officially old!  I know I’ve been gently… 658 more words

That's Life

You People from New Jersey

You know those annoying phone surveys and those annoying Christians on the boardwalk who want to ask you questions and those annoying Please rate your support experience… 787 more words


Salesman Self-Defense

Stop calling me.  Stop coming by the house.  Stop stuffing my mailbox with offers.

I don’t want it. Hell I don’t even care what “it” is. 463 more words


This is Nancy.

I’m off from work today. Cleaning the house and doing the chorey sorts of things you do when you’re not working.

Editor/Husband is away, so apologies, in advance, for ramble-on sentences, the spirited overuse of unwords like “untrustable” and “chorey,” and excessive smugness. 547 more words


Another telefucker

A stupid telemarketer calls and I hear loud call center noises, she can barely speak English: eyyo maam? dees ees tick suppors

I said: I don’t even know what the fuck you’re saying but I’m on the do not call list. 16 more words


Telemarketer of the day

I can’t escape the telemarketers. Some call center guy who sounded from India just called.

I was talking over him at the same time he was talking, because this is what I do to annoy them now. 18 more words