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On the Phone with Call Center People

I’m going to take a moment to thank God, if he or she exists, for the fact that I have not at this point in my life ever have had to work in a call center.   1,106 more words


Is it really Telstra calling?

This week, Telstra is launching its largest marketing campaign dedicated to raising community awareness about telemarketers who attempt to mislead customers, and scammers who attempt to obtain customers’ personal information via the telephone. 410 more words


Shameful Confessions...

“Uh-huh,” I dreamily agreed with the comforting voice on the other end of the line. “Wow! That sounds amazing!” I yawn. As I listen to the caller drone on about their company’s latest promotions, I feel all the muscles in my face relax, which causes the top of my head to tingle with relief. 904 more words


FTC shuts down telemarketers who falsely claimed to be Medicare representatives

Of all the scams out there, the ones that probably make my blood boil the most are those that target seniors. At the Federal Trade Commission’s request, … 161 more words


Minutia IV

During the recent Provincial election, I saw two high school students vandalizing an election sign at the side of the road. I know they were high school students because they were wearing the red plaid kilts of the nearby Catholic school.  934 more words

That's Life


1. Winner of the Super Bowl. (Patriots or Panthers)
2. Longer winter or early spring. (Groundhog sees his shadow or he doesn’t)
3.Future telemarketing calls. (Phone number/company name displayed on caller ID or “unavailable” with fines attached) 20 more words


The Telemarketers Abuse Protection Association

Recent domestic and child abuse headlines, involving NFL players, have the nation’s attention focused on (1) prevention, (2) education, (3) judging and condemning (probably is really number one), and in some cases (4) frantically hiding evidence. 610 more words