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Untangling Quantum Entanglement and Teleportation

Everything in our universe is made from something called atoms. They are so small that you would need roughly 173 million atoms just to make an area the size of a penny or a cent! 236 more words



One more true story about teleportation…


Have you ever lost something, only to have it reappear, years later?

This item I lost was a knife. 272 more words


Teleport - A Equals B?

I have touched on this subject before, but considering our technological advancement will cause us one day to produce something not entirely unlike Star Trek’s teleport technology I think this subject needs to be understood before putting a sentient being through this process. 714 more words


Timeglass Journal – Subject Forum: Space Travel

Timeglass Journal – Subject Forum: Space Travel

Methods of space travel – spaceships, starships, wormholes, stargates, teleportation, folding space, etc.

Use Comments/Feedback under this posting to write about this subject like you would at a forum website. 91 more words

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Destructive 3D printing and interstellar travel

The basic idea of Makerbot’s ‘Scotty’ is that one 3D printer mills through an object, photographing a layer at a time, and transmit the photographs to a second printer, which then reproduces the layer, thus building up a copy of the original.  306 more words

3D Printing Teleportation of Physical Objects

Scotty allows teleporting inanimate physical objects across distance. Each Scotty unit consists of an off-the-shelf 3D printer that we have extended with a 3-axis milling machine, a camera, and a microcontroller for encryption/decryption and transmission. 123 more words