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Teleportation or an Improved Telegraph?

Well, neither, really.

This article from Elite Daily may be the worst excuse for science writing I have come across in a long time.  The headline reads “This Scientific Breakthrough May Have Laid The Groundwork For Human Teleportation.” 862 more words

Alien UFOs exist - And this is why the government won't let you know about them.

“The only thing that limits us, is our limited perceptions and what we believe is possible” Annette

The ONLY reason why we have not been “formally” told by our government that our species is in constant contact with Extraterrestrial and Ultradimensional Aliens is because of POWER.  1,192 more words


Excerpt: Heart of the Wind, part 4

“I’m Marcie Woolan. Why did you call me a fire-wizard? There is no such thing you know. I’m just an apprentice wizard. Surely that much is self-evident, after all, a real wizard wouldn’t need to get half drowned, a real wizard would have thought of something better. 226 more words

a ghostly apparition, a mystery, treasure and teleportation

I had this dream while sleeping on the couch in my old college friend CC’s living room. It was a sort of sleep paralysis thing, where I thought I was awake in the living room. 282 more words



PULLED is a short story in Becca J. Campbell’s “Flawed” series. The first novel in the series, EMPATH, is already out. PULLED is told from the perspective of eight-year-old Juniper. 315 more words


What is the Value of Virtual Space?

Many fans do not want to hear the critics of virtual reality; they don’t want anybody killing the dream. Putting our fingers in our ears and downvoting anyone who disagrees with us isn’t going to help move VR forward. 1,285 more words

Virtual Reality

Can I Be a Superhero? Please?

…And the challenge continues! I was going to write about all the things I loved about America because I did live there once upon a time…but it didn’t happen. 292 more words