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Destination Deliberation

You’ve been given the ability to build a magical tunnel that will quickly and secretly connect your home with the location of your choice — anywhere on Earth. 492 more words


Google's 10 Zaniest Projects in the 10 Years Since the IPO

Ten years ago today, Google Inc. went public in an offering that raised nearly $1.7 billion and valued the young Internet company at around $27 billion… 1,165 more words


Out of the Wall

We were outside…I think. There was no sun in the yellow sky, but I saw no walls either. “Where are we?”

But before I could get answer, Tug yelled, “Look out!” and began to run. 943 more words

The Story

Day 59 - The Villains

Johnny Baht, forced to petty thievery by being orphaned at an early age in one of the poorest neighborhoods of the biggest city in the country, overheard a security guard laughing at a local dive bar. 333 more words

The Rim

David Cronenberg's 'The Fly'


Because all my reviews are non traditional I am going to start this one by saying I love this movie. Remakes have become a trend recently, this is odd considering that they have been a part of cinema for a few decades but recently it seems like properties are being revived all the time.  557 more words


Painless burn and the invisible scar

It was an easy fix -
Shimmering make-up
Pink eye shadow
Eye liner
Lip gloss..
Silence 77 more words


Who is that?

Her eyes cracked open, not wanting to acknowledge the annoyingly bright light. Mornings after a failed experiment were never good. With her eyes closed she thought about the previous night. 685 more words

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