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2014-10-21 05:45 Tuesday

We think our lives are fast now, but we know nothing of the Future…

Imagine being where you are now—then a hundred miles away, instantly, perhaps spontaneously for a moment. 270 more words

Teleportation of Physical Objects From One Location To Another

The concept of teleportation comes primarily from science fiction literature throughout human history, but things are changing. It’s 2014 and developments in quantum theory and general relativity physics have been successful in exploring the concept of teleportation for quite some time now. 1,083 more words


Marsha and Ralph Ring Interview with Lotus Guide

Talk about ‘Breaking the Mold” They surely did after Ralph who represents an entire generation of researchers and innovators who’s work has and will change the world that we live in.


Noise to Note! #64

Ska music is lively and upbeat. So it is kind of funny that some of the members of Fun Boy Three (a band with the 3 fun guys and a small orchestra) are from well-known ska band, The Specials. 120 more words


Teleportation-Tourism: How magical transportation kills the essence of adventure

What you should listen to during this post: Book of Eli – Panoramic

Last month, I was a guest player in a Pathfinder campaign I had played in a couple of years ago. 903 more words


8 things that prove Science was really involved in Hindu mythology epics..!!

Hindu mythology stories are treated as literature material.But there is a huge possibility that those stories might not be a piece of literature.The Mahabharata and the Ramayana have depicted possibility that science was much more advanced at that time that than the science of modern era.In this post i would like to correlate between Hindu mythology and today’s science. 1,122 more words

Ancient Flying Vehicles

Day 93 - The Snapper

Almost no one called Tammy by her name when she was a kid; she was always Snapper. People called her that even independent of one another, because it was the only nickname that made sense after she displayed her special talent. 325 more words

The Kingdom