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Quantum Teleportation 25 Kilometers Away

Physicists at the University of Geneva have succeeded in teleporting the quantum state of a photon to a crystal over 25 kilometers of optical fiber. 324 more words


Elements of a Fourth Dimension

Suzanne Church’s collection of speculative fiction, Elements, contains all three definitions of its title: the classic elements of science fiction, nature’s elements, and in some ways, the heating elements that run through stoves and kettles. 25 more words

Science Fiction

Elements of a Fourth Dimension

In “Everyone Needs a Couch”, Tanker, a bankrupt writer, is commissioned by an amorphous “cross between an octopus and a camel” to write a story about teleportation. 696 more words

Science Fiction

Some Thoughts on Magic Systems

Every magical ability has an effect on the world. This is a principle I’m working to follow as I rewrite Featherfolk. My main magic system consists of special powers granted by spirits. 168 more words


Bamf Me Out of Here! But Not Into There!

Superpowers defy the realm of what is the possible, including the realm of science, and because of this it can be kind of strange to see limitations on certain ones.  682 more words


Top 10 Coolest Superpowers


Hello interweb, Nate here.  So one of the biggest reasons superheroes are entertaining is because they can do thinks that is just straight up impossible in the real world.  1,120 more words