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Agents of SHIELD - Awesome For A Different Reason

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD on its own, is a good television series.  If you haven’t watched it, (and based on the ratings a lot you haven’t or aren’t), it covers a diverse set of characters that are part of the Marvel universe’s ultra-secret spy agency SHEILD.  547 more words


Season One, Episode Six: "Snaring of the Sun"

By Zack Grullon

The cassette tapes. The death of Jean’s brother. The anger towards the Native Americans. The reoccurring motif of drowning. How does it all add up in the finale? 501 more words


Ron Doesn't Like Giving Speeches

I’m a longtime “Parks and Recreation” fan and I have to say, this season Ben Wyatt (Adam Scott) has been stealing the show. But along with the rest of the cyberweb, I love me some Ron Swanson (Nick Offerman). 29 more words



In this episode of Master Bates Motel Loyd’s World of the Weird section grows in even more dominant as we discuss some of the more wondrously bizarre things our world has to offer with casual disdain. 153 more words


TV Time: New Girl 3.21

Title Big News

Two-Sentence Summary Jess and Nick each try to make the other believe they’re doing okay the day after their breakup. However, their emotions get the best of them during a celebration of Winston’s acceptance into the police academy. 765 more words


Broadcast Broken Bad

Drama for Broadcast Television’s Future  (Written March 2013)

“You clearly don’t know who you’re talking to, so let me clue you in,” says Walter White to his concerned wife. 3,057 more words

Sam Ekren

An Awesome 'Glee' First - Amber Riley Sings Debut Single on Last Week's Episode

Are you a Gleek? I certainly am. I’ve watched every Glee episode ever and if you are, you know too that some episodes and seasons have been better than others. 537 more words

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