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Foo Fighters Release First Trailer for HBO's "Sonic Highways"

With the announcement that their eighth studio album would be named after their HBO documentary, the Foo Fighters have unveiled the first teaser for Sonic Highways, the almost a year in the making documentary. 197 more words

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The Beach Boys on Full House

Remember when you were a kid and you kept making your parents watch Full House. Well guess what? Your parents hated it and you for making them watch and that’s probably why your dad left. 192 more words


Superhero Reality Television

Last night I faced the reality that one 30 minute workout video was enough to incapacitate me for the evening. Curse you Jillian Michaels! Fortunately I had a variety of entertainment options courtesy of Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, and HBO Go. 569 more words


Woman beaten by CHP officer breaks silence

Marlene Pinnock is the 51-year-old woman whose beating by a member of the California Highway Patrol was caught on tape. She spoke with CBS News’ Carter Evans.


Fangirl Thursday: For Your Consideration (2014 Emmys)

With the 2014 Emmys right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about who we think will take home the night’s big awards (which will be the topic of a post over here this weekend), as well as who we think should be given an Emmy this year. 1,118 more words


Watch Kids Reenact Emmy Nominated TV Shows [VIDEO]

With the Emmy Awards almost upon us, it’s only natural that parody videos are going to start popping up all over the Internet. This video just so happens to be the best one you’ll ever see. 14 more words

Downton Abbey Series Five News Round Up

We’ve got new Downton News, with the premiere of Series Five only weeks away in the UK. (Unlike the four months we have to wait over here.) Once it goes live over there, we’ll get more circumspect about the spoilers, but since no one’s seen anything yet, everything is still fair game in my book. 350 more words