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'Pupa' Has Potential, but Never Fully Emerges (Review)

Written by: Tera Kirk

I really wanted to like Pupa. It wants to be a story about love; in fact, the tale can only be horrifying with that love as a foundation. 330 more words


Interesting: Episodes of FRIENDS and Seinfeld with jokes edited out

This is kind of interesting. A reader on Reddit recently edited out all the jokes from an episode of FRIENDS and Seinfeld. The result? Both episodes clock in around 3 minutes in their entirety. 58 more words


Friends Episode Recap: The One with the Ick Factor

I’ve never seen Friends. Let me clarify that sentence before my mother starts to ponder whether this post is some some sort of public cry for help. 1,765 more words


The Game of Thrones Panel at SDCC, In Its Entirety

Not everyone gets to go to SDCC. Not everyone who goes gets in to see the panels they were hoping to. Sometimes it’s the lines, sometimes it’s a scheduling conflict with something else you really want to see, sometimes, you just get distracted. 66 more words


Mad Men: For Those Who Think Young (S02E01)

The second season of Mad Men premiered almost exactly six years ago today (July 27, 2008). By that point the show had already won a Golden Globe for Best Drama Series (along with a Best Actor Globe for Jon Hamm – one of the infuriatingly few awards he has won for his work on the show), and it was just about to become the first basic cable show to win the Emmy for Best Drama Series.  1,333 more words


24: Live Another Day

By Wilfred Wan

The action genre has a shorter lifespan than most. There’s a reason why Tobey Maguire didn’t make the fourth Spider-Man, why Shia LaBeouf wasn’t in the fourth… 909 more words