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In the late 70′s, I was a writer at D’Arcy, MacManus & Masius in St. Louis, working mostly on the Budweiser account.

We were shooting on location at an “authentic”, blue collar bar in LA (despite its authenticity, it had been styled and dressed to the point that its regular customers would’ve scarcely recognized it) and, since the folks who ran the place didn’t want to shut down during prime business hours, we were shooting really late at night. 325 more words


Thinspite of It All

Okay, let’s say you’re a large corporation that has dumped a lot of advertising money into a campaign that features a some what famous, food celebrity that just had the newest season of their cable show pulled because said dumb ass suggested people eat a bag of shit or kill themselves over their disagreement with his choice of a hashtag phrase on twitter. 197 more words

Television Commercials

QSR Marketing: Increasing your TV buy with :15 second “bookends”

Two ways :15 second “bookends” can help you compete against the McGiants.

As a regional QSR you obviously don’t have the media budget to compete against the national chains that receive the economies of national, network buys and also supplement those national buys with spot market placement. 462 more words

Joe Johnson

Sneaky Drug Dealers

As many of you know, I normally try to be lighthearted and humorous to counteract some of the intense subjects about which I write my novels.  298 more words


World Chocolate Day - A look back at some daggy Australian chocolate commercials

Happy World Chocolate Day – 7 July 2014

Here are some older Australian chocolate commercials that I remember. They are pretty terrible but I guess they worked if people remember them. 52 more words

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GSI Previews Mortimore Productions in Spokane

The Greater Spokane Ambassadors toured local TV and Radio ad company Mortimore Productions last week. A family business, Mortimore Productions has been making commercials and high-quality video and radio commercials since 1987. 178 more words

The commercials that bore me to tears.

I have nothing against the Progressive Girl, I do not even know her name nor do I want it. But enough already. There is one where the computer zaps a fellow employee into atomic bits. 232 more words