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Bae Watch: PAMELA ANDERSON's Rate of Recidivism - Filed For Divorce & Hubby Back in Less Than 30 Days

…Think you got a bae?…As it turns out, you’d better:

  • think again
  • take notes


  • bae watch the Bay Watch beauty Pamela Anderson—because she’s got that certain something that keeps her baes coming back to ride her surfboard and ride–again and again.
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FREDDIE PRINZE JR Claims '24' s KIEFER SUTHERLAND Almost Made Him Quit Acting Altogether

Mystery solved…where in the world has Freddie Prinze Jr. been?

Well, we’ll start by saying this: “Hell Hath No Fury Like An Actor Scorned.”

The… 325 more words

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FIFTY SHADES OF GREY's DAKOTA JOHNSON Doesn't Want Her Famous Parents Seeing the Film

When you have two actor/superstar parents , although they know the ins and outs of movie making, and are aware that no matter how racy the scene, still, it was “just a job”-you kinda don’t want them to see you in the buff and…… 203 more words

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{OnDa Cover & In Between} KERRY WASHINGTON. Stylist Magazine. UK Issue 231 July 23, 2014

On her second Emmy nomination and potentially the first black woman to win:

“I do my best to not get caught up in this kind of stuff.

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BIG SEAN Dissed Naya Rivera's Wedded Bliss? "I Dodged a Bullet By Not Marrying Her"

Reportedly, because of her “controlling ways,” while Big Sean may have kissed Naya Rivera off (four months ago) and here it is (four months later), she got married to her surprise boyfriend ; for the record, Big Sean is wishing her off, too. 356 more words

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You Must Not Know 'Bout She, You Must Not Know 'Bout She: BIG SEAN's Not Irreplacible - NAYA RIVERA Got Married Without Him

Whoa. Talk about cosmic energies, already.

Check this out.

You know we at Other Side of the Fame reported to yous a few months back that rapper… 671 more words

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DWAYNE WADE & GABRIELLE UNION'S Union: Speak Now & Forever Hold Your P.........ics

The union of our favorite struggle couple has finally made it through the struggle, through the limits and to the…altar.

On August 30, 2014 (in Miami, Florida) basketball star Dwayne Wade and his fiancé, actress Gabriel Union, will be joined in holy matrimony—obviously, with a few rules so as to not have their union disrupted: 110 more words

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