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You Must Not Know 'Bout She, You Must Not Know 'Bout She: BIG SEAN's Not Irreplacible - NAYA RIVERA Got Married Without Him

Whoa. Talk about cosmic energies, already.

Check this out.

You know we at Other Side of the Fame reported to yous a few months back that rapper… 671 more words

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DWAYNE WADE & GABRIELLE UNION'S Union: Speak Now & Forever Hold Your P.........ics

The union of our favorite struggle couple has finally made it through the struggle, through the limits and to the…altar.

On August 30, 2014 (in Miami, Florida) basketball star Dwayne Wade and his fiancé, actress Gabriel Union, will be joined in holy matrimony—obviously, with a few rules so as to not have their union disrupted: 110 more words

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The 64,000 question and popular culture curiosity has already been solved—the question in inquiring minds as to whether or not the eldest of the Brady bunch (boys) has ever hooked up with Marcia or anyone on the show, or no. 539 more words

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"The Kid Is Not My Son" SHERRI SHEPHERD Pulls A 'Billie Jean' On Ex-Hubby SAL FROM THE D

As much as I am a lover of love and a champion of romantic love, the realist in me always gets my confirmation (and proof) that the reality about “unconditional” (romantic) love is: It is always contingent on like and reciprocation of that which mirrors love itself—for the time being…up to, and until. 546 more words

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ROBERT DOWNEY Jr's Son INDIO Arrested for Possession of Cocaine

It almost resembles a vintage drug PSA-an exchange between father and son:

…a kind of blast from the past that’s repeating itself in the Downey bloodline. 294 more words

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COLDPLAY'S CHRIS MARTIN Consciously a Carnivore Since "Uncoupling" with GWYNETH PALTROW

 According to our friends at US Magazine, 2005’s Sexiest Vegetarian and one half of the “conscious uncouple” who’s back at one again, is also back to the beef: consciously a carnivore. 282 more words

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PURPLE RAIN Turns 30: PRINCE Invites APOLLONIA To Paisley Park

 Very few kissing scenes in movies can make you yell out with pleasure (and embarrass yourself if anyone’s in the room with you) than the very moment in “Purple Rain” “When Dove’s Cry” video & scene when while Prince is straddled over Apollonia and goes in for that savage, near borderline animalistic yet, sensual kiss, as the lyrics “ 571 more words

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